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Found 2 results

  1. In a time of long extended swine where an all too real disillusion of psychic and physical war with obesity and corruption is ruling our consciousness while trying to make us work in fear against each other sneering a suspected eye to your neighboring side, there is a strong native force working to contain a universal and earthly balance of light and darkness, of truth and false. “It is said that what is called a spirit of an age, is something to which we cannot contain - That the spirit gradually dissipates and gives away to a system world that is coming to an end. The one true source is all that there is in multidimensional reflection and nothing more. Dare I say we are at among its wishful core? We are returning back and most importantly, forward to a truer expanded spirit then what has yet to be seen and felt in its total blissful scheme. A past inside the future selecting an evolution of the making is your peaceful rest- ( … ) Thus is important to make the best out of every generation and to stop anticipating that the world is coming to an destructive end, because the world that is will circulate until a swollen sun swallows its fruitiest celestial being of elements such as iron, oxygen, silicon, magnesium, nickel, sulphur and titanium. Namely, the Earth. Dark Whisper – Spirit of an Age (Alice-D Records) 2012 (ALI1CD003) I - Spirit of an Age (09:14) 147 Bpm II - Human Being (04:40) 152 - 159 Bpm III - Monsanto (06:48) 159 Bpm IV - Earthlings (02:52) 160 Bpm V - Nuclear Nightmare (08:11) 175 Bpm VI - Ideologic Control (08:39) 135 - 160 - 180 Bpm VII - Geist des Geldes (07:26) 170 Bpm VIII - Transformation (09:35) 168 Bpm IX - Change the World (12:33) 180 - 195 - 220 - 90.75 Bpm I - Spirit of an Age :: A beautifully tribalistic intro with horns of things to come swirls up to a computerized notion of technological supremacy with honking horns where beats and sounds form twittering grounds of places to be where true notion is to be seen and felt. Gradually working its energy base with a formatting bass the sounds give way for larger play inside a fried yet wakeful stay. Expanding each other’s truths realizing the lies, which we are only to be cried in something that hurts, never feeling like the dirt beneath flowers. Accordions play their hymn of aromatic syng for this is triggering beats ready for the accrete redemption. Samples speak. Spiritual leaders use their thoughts with a trustworthy tongue. Track; Tribal, fast, changing phases in swirling grace. Instruments of the old. Story is told for something to behold. II - Human Being :: Chippering sticks wrenches the Styx and solid beats crave the soul of fettering stones. Embarrassing mistakes takes us into a lake where roaming life stomp on the safe. Beautiful inquisition we crave for perfection. There is nothing wrong in doing this song. You can always go into voiding roam but fear the dark and you will suffocate on its imaginary fork. Never letting go we realize the strong of our unchained grow – and they say we are afraid of what we do not know? Why don’t we try to understand, to act up as if the unknown was known? Treat the known as if it is unknown and you will have it to be realized which makes it not so god damn civilized. Hatred and violence is the result of our fear for one self and what one might make you realize. Soon as you know that fear has no place to go but to transform itself into understanding and love – peace shall be felt in a pumping heart of the known. Hatred to kill is competition to destroy what they do not posses or are fully able to understand. Art is an anything but hate it is not it just can’t be art. This I can rate, for our fate is not of being hate. Solitude in attitude Track; ragged, cool and twisting a curl in tempo we swirl. III - Monsanto :: Spoofing our surrounding, ghosting our winds. Speaking in whisper what is it that you have sung with the air of your strong shimmering lung? We all decide where this marked goes. Into our delivered ego or out to a near eternal free fest? We can in cases be seen if you are keen. Troubling shots are making the rot. Steady flow is following the puzzling blow which we each in fully consciousness choose the moves of. And most beautiful and hurtful of all, it’s distracted serine. We choose to be blinded and follow the blended because it is easier to be fooled then to dance the true groove of hard choices that becomes easier as we step. No true secret should ever be kept, even from a duck. Track; humping, beat changing, mumbling with dissolution and breaking. IV - Earthlings :: An angelic cry of hurtful eyes. They feed our babies with terrible cute lies. Beats and pain transform in order to create; heavy is the burden of those who has to hide their former maybe unintended in its ignorant intention of... exploiting another celestial being for their own conceived better self. That is what the test becomes. At a moment of weakness one can almost willingly take advantage of a soft spot with "closed eyes". While after what you have exploited is gone, you complain about its run, sitting on your high horse being the one trying to control, us!? Go be real break those beats and patterns, put on a chain and stop being an energetic drain. This is for your own best; this is not a better test. Eat your meat if it is what you please. Just remember to treat yourself and the nature with respect. Be true to the bloom. As long as you have a raised consciousness about your intact. You will feel a lesser gloom. Darkness of ignorant ,,evileness" shall never take the best of us. Track; paused with breaks and mesmerizing strikes. V - Nuclear Nightmare :: Nuclear second’s wisps the grounds setting out a despiteful shun. Beats travel fast with traffic in jam. Traveling sounds in-between singeing souls keeps out the main trolls. Hurry the fleet the winds are growing strong burning on its path to find weaker stands to dissemble. The experiment has been done. Under watered surfaces the nuclear rain shall be sung. Settling the worry keeping the wild phasing the sorry behind. Track; chaotically hectic, radioactive and wild. VI - Ideologic Control :: For some the ideal is to be in control over others fate not realizing their madness before it is nearly too late. The point of no return seems to have been reached many moons ago now it is about flow the stream in a direction that is better in basic needs of what it is we need to feed. Common sense might be a defense or rather a fence but for most and some, it makes perfect sense to take care of it all to understand even if the problem seems to be too tall. I dare to fear as long as I truly do care. You want the truth!? You can’t handle the truth! ~ Pff, that’s so bullshit. Of course we can handle the truth. Track; high, a huge try, daggering beats going wild – at least he tried. VII - Geist des Geldes :: In the spirit of money, there seems to be no way of rightfully controlling this honey. Economical terms builds on a ventilation of a mean to be free something that goes around in a healthy manner not something that is spread and passed around like decease and piled up with a few controllers of unfair home owners. What beautiful melodies this currency could have been, what flow it could have had if it not been for the stupidity found within its most powerful circles. Track; intense, melodic in its willing stay and circulating with some play. Calm at the end sending you there without so much fear. VIII - Transformation :: As one track passes to another a transition it is made as so as nature of evolves. To why we so often fear the transformational stare is our chickens to flap. Doctors aside: Often an experience of drug can and will help you see a reality bended in such way that it makes fantastic and truer sense – be it good or bad – it is often up to you. A journey can be made but for goods sake do not mainline the substance unless you are ready to travel beyond into another stay. Addicts are an often lost face even though the addict is most likely not self-aware of such a sad fact as they weirdly enough will protect the substance before they will protect them self. It’s not the drug they say, it’s me ( …. ) Take the union train, let it ride you across your brain but don’t be a total sack. Don’t shoot crack as it puts you in damaged control with a huge lack. Not all drugs are bad for you. Some of them, are fucking mind expanding amazingly great! We just all need to take some care. As for most drugs and then especially the non-expanding ones. They will and can expand the mind and view of our true world, for a while. But when abused instead of being, what can one say, used. The drug turns against you and starts to distort instead of opening up doors of perception. No longer are they wonderful means to open up the mind. They become forces to distort the perceptions of life. Which is just sad, to see a person stuck in distortion because he or she could not stop, slow down or take care of one’s best self. Live in the present, learn from the past and take care of your own future. It is most likely the only one you have. Be smart: www.erowid.org Track; ride, trippy, unified, hefty and holy. IX - Change the World :: Words of the Mayans are spoken in glimpse. The truth they had was twisted in unearthly sins. What they believed was the answer to please the Gods that destroyed them from within and chattered metropolis of advanced civilizations became gone without their precise crop. The worries are done we’ve stopped to try to crawl up to our burning sun. Breaks are current a marked is in view though lost in small gardens as to be our self we must, it is the only true solution. And don’t be fooled of what you might conceive as “our self” because we might have the ability to be as a virus but we have a much greater truth to be gentle in our roughness and wise in our decisions. This I believe. Track; insane, warning in the stray, scary of symbol and warning in its past. Fast and effecting. Ending the hard. Recommendation: Oh My F'ing Gudd! This is the stuff that will rip your brain in delight with heavy tones of musical perspectives and valid information for the mind to chew on. This is a chaotic and dark album with anger and despair with some beautiful flair which reflects much of our confused and suffering world at large. The content is majestically political with historical turns. And the beats are phat with changing attributes so it doesn’t become boring though some parts are a tear. There is little to nothing about this visible package that looks like psytrance. It all screams Heavy-Metal. FUCK MONEY - WEAR A CONDOM. Buy this album; it is worth the support and in doing so you will receive a respectful package with a 3 page Digipack CD which includes a 24 page Booklet with loads of interesting text and truly outstanding artwork. The product is made out of 100% recycled paper which means that it is plastic free. This is a well made effort even though recycling waste lots of water in the process of making it so, but for options around this is not bad at all. If concerned about all physical matters and you don’t want or need this awesome bonus which it provides, you can always go online and buy it in digital. Can you trip it? BPM: Really fast Some kind of score: 4.2222222 Favorite tracks: 1, 2, 7, 8 Listen to the album in poor quality: Promotional text: Dark Whisper, founder of Alice-D Productions, began DJ'ing back in the year of 2004 when Dark became a steadier and more immense popular genre within psychedelic trance reach. After collecting higher experiences he decided to sculpt his own brand of psychedelic music by learning and doing. The influence of Dark Whisper is written to rely on the Earth while being mixed together with instruments and soundscapes that have been in his possession from his lengthy travels around the world. The Dark Whisper Project is an experiment to melt the / his perception with analog and digital sound visions fusing the underground with a new aged heavy psychedelic twist which is intended to give the listeners an endless amount of possibilities to reach a higher state of consciousness while exploring the hypnotic frequencies of thundering rolling bass lines. Within this music you will find inspiration from actual life with the inspiration of collected instruments which is combining with the music and lessons that the world is being taught by the changing struggle within this realm of its existence. Dark Whisper has a strong felt message, and you get something from this experience every time you dare to dive and listen. Dancers and listeners please let go of your fear and ego and try to unfold to the experience which is “Spirit of an Age” and ride the waves and feel the lucid energy pierce through your celestial being. Where to buy and other links: Zeitgeist: http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com Whisper Home: www.dark-whisper.net Face the Dark: http://www.facebook....rkWhisper.Music SoundDark: http://soundcloud.com/dark_whisper Face the Alice D: http://www.facebook....iceD.Production Beatspace: http://www.beatspace...age/detail.aspx Discogs: http://www.discogs.c...st/Dark Whisper Psyshop: http://www.psyshop.c.../ali1cd003.html Alice D Face: http://www.facebook....iceD.Production Saikosounds: http://www.saikosoun...ase.asp?id=9131 Play: http://www.play.com/...urlrefer=search Beatport: http://www.beatport....-whisper/234061 More Weird Reviews: http://www.myspace.com/psytonesmusic
  2. Imagine it is happening. How it would be? What would cause the globe's disorganization, a worldwide disaster? Would be the real end of all? All life's or even the planet's existance? Or mostly the demise of modern man's civilisation? ((I thought to put some pics and videos for it, but i didn't proceed because of the cruelness of the scenes. Someone might get panick!))
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