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  1. Dear All,

    After a long time in silence, here we go again with something special.

    We bring you a brand new digital compilation of 6 unreleased tracks in Djane's Nem typical style - atmospheric progressive trance. We are aiming to encourage the feeling that intelligent hypnotic progressive trance still exists and move the oxygen sound to its next phase.

    These rare jewels are from Sound Field, Zyce&Flegma, Lone Ranger , I- Drop rmx of Ritmo, Nasa rmx of Kalimax and E-Clip.

    Make sure you don't miss this one and sample the exquisite musical taste of Djane Nem. As many did from all world did during her spectacular set in Boom festival 2008.

    Check out Nem's next appearance at the upcoming Universo Paralello on the beautiful shores of Bahia, in Brazil!

    See you all there!



    Sound Field - Spring City Rush

    Zyce & FLegma - Drive Active

    Lone Ranger - Undergroove

    Ritmo - Rapture (I-Drop rmx)

    Kalimax - Demons (NASA remix)

    E Clip - Ocean Light

















  2. Does anyone know what happened to 'Henrik Jonsson' AKA Stress Assassin. The two albums that he released, carrier track and motorcycle boys themes, are two of my favorite and most listened to albums ever. It is such a unique but chill style that he developed but since his last album carriertrack I haven't heard of him except an email that I got from him in which he said stress assassin is dead and that he went on to a different project and he told me the label. :( But that was many years ago and I forgot which label he went to. And I cant find him on discogs or anywhere on Google. Does anyone have any clue where or what he is doing? I want to contact him to try to persuade him to create another album as Stress assassin. Because the style is just so powerful and unique it would be a shame to leave it behind :(


    Absolutly agree with anything you mention here. And interesting is, that i made similar steps few years ago. And again, he answered that he is moving to different project (as far as i remember in the project name was the letter porn as well - but not 100%sure). But would be defintly great to persuade him somehow or least know what he is up to these days...

    I found his music very unique as well!

  3. D Oxygen Records presents its 1st Digital Release Sound Field - Ascension EP.


    Sound Field's digital EP is a first release of a brand new digital division of Oxygen Records. EP contains 2 previously unreleased works from sophisticated electronic music artist Andy Yakovlev alias Sound Field / ProSect / Sonify.


    After Andy's highly valued and apreciated debut album, Sound Field - Audio Surfin', we are glad that Andy is breaking his own standards and taking a further step into realms of his musical visions, and again assuring us that Progressive Trance still can be f**kin' Psychedelic.


    For the last years Andy released number tracks on labels such as Tribal Vision, Domo, Iono, Psybooty and others.


    For collectors we also offer an artwork with all necesary information.





    01. Ascension (Feat. Treshold Productions) [130 BPM]

    Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev & Torsten Edwinson


    02. Tribalogic [140 BPM]

    Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev




    Posted Image



    Tracks will be online soon at all major digital music stores such as iTunes, Beatport and many others.







  4. Posted Image


    Artist: Various

    Title: Pulsar

    Label: Oxygen Records

    Format: CD Jewel Case

    Release: May 2007




    01. 9’20” Sound Field – Oxygenate

    02. 7’35” M-Theory – Soundproof

    03. 8’07” Setherian – Angra

    04. 7’10” Suntree & Antigravity – Straight oMM

    05. 6’45” Aphid Moon – Oceanic

    06. 8’59” Plasmotek – Obsession

    07. 7’09” Hydraglyph – Psyops

    08. 7’38” Rumble Pack – Timecode

    09. 7’31” Freakulizer – Are We There?


    Oxygen Records now located in Barcelona was established in the Czech Republic. They have released several compilations and a couple of artist LPs. This is their latest, so let’s get to it!

    Sound Field – Oxygenate- Sound Field are Andy Yakovlev & Liron Atia and have recently released their debut album. This is another long track so strap yourself in. Fine progressive trance here, with nothing too abrasive. Some would even call this Psy-progressive. It moves along nicely with each part fading in and out seamlessly. Good track.


    M-Theory – Soundproof- I believe this is Rob Nichols. We start of with a nice atmosphere set up with a bouncy bass line. It peps up nicely with some fleshed out hi-hats. What I like about this track (and good progressive in general), is that there is no dead air waiting for something to happen. The break is smooth, so smooth, with the delicate percussive touch. Fabulous track!


    Setherian – Angra- I haven’t heard much out of Christian Zahn since his Multiverse album, even though he has released another since then. This track to me is the definition of filler. Nothing standing out, some cheesy vocals, and an uninteresting bass line. I’ll pass.


    Suntree & Antigravity – Straight oMM- I’m clueless as to who these people are, but their track starts of with lovely sounds. A gentle mix between psy and progressive. The break is almost ethereal, with a bass sound trying to escape. The light “goaish” melody twists and turns across the track. Near the end, a tight acid line dominates and pushes the track all the way into the Psy category. Great track!


    Aphid Moon – Oceanic- Jules Hamer has released a pile of tracks and had 2 full albums. I’ve always liked his style. With a rambling bass line and some dirty deep sounds, he takes control. His acid leads surround you and sound so wispy. The finale is a pulsating ride into the night. Great track!


    Plasmotek – Obsession- This is Thibaut Lapeyre from France. He brings us a galloping bassline and some eerie noises floating up above. I like how he maintains that bass line throughout the entire track. Coming out of the break, we still have that “something ain’t right” feeling. Cool. Good track!


    Hydraglyph – Psyops- Andrew Morgan & Marc Ackerman have release 2 very good albums and plenty of compilation tracks. They seem to be on top of their game. The synth sounds seem to surround you driven by a rotating lead. I think I heard Al Pacino. I feel like I’m floating as well. The kick drum is muted through the break adding an alien effect. This was very good in a laid back style. Great track!


    Rumble Pack – Timecode- These guys just released their latest album which I haven’t heard yet. A nice glassy pad starts us off with whippoorwill sounds. Wait..is that spelled right? Spell check says it is, but it looks weird. Anyway, swirling pads drop in and out and this track has a foreboding feel to it. There is even Indian singing! Well, kinda. The end of the track has leads and deep, growly pads. Great track!


    Freakulizer – Are We There?- I believe Simon has a new album on the horizon. He is good at weaving progressive and psy elements together. This track is slightly unfocused. I couldn’t get into the flow, although there were some nice bits. The breaks were mellow and didn’t seem forced. Decent track, but nothing to write home about.


    In summary: Wow, this will easily be one of my favorites for 2007. With the exception of one track, this compilation is loaded. There is a nice balance of progressive tracks and psytrance. Well done Oxygen records, you have guaranteed that I will buy your next release. 8.5/10




    Thanks a lot for the interesting review and for the positive comments. Glad you enjoy the cd. Took really long time to put out compilation that you can identify with so deep as i can with this one.

  5. so 2 weeks for the release date..here is a small presentation of the tracks:




    01-Sound field showing us this time a more fullonish side. A perfect balance between progressive psytrance

    and full on morning sound. Something a bit different after his recently released album - Audio Surfin'.


    02-Continuing in progressive full on waters. M-theory based in UK present their subtle grrovy track. Great

    composition and journey throughout the tune. One the most promising artists showing that uk sound is alive and

    doing well.


    03-Setherian - the artist of many faces and colours that doesnt fit to any genre. After his unbelievable various

    album Seth brings us splendid melancholic pumping track. You can call it fast progressive or slow full on - it doesnt matter. The most important is that it's beautifull..


    04-Remember those 2 names well-Suntree&Antigravity. Both from Isreal but bringing completly fresh sound. Tune that with its mystical atmosphere and amazing breaks'n'build ups made several dancefloors burn. Heavy base and my god--those melodies...deep.


    05-For a second time we are glad that our tracklist contains track from Jules Hammer alias Aphid Moon. Last time it was evergreen track made togehther with Protoculture. Some called that sci-fi trance. This time Jules alone but with again a marvelous full on morning tune in its best. Surely everyone who enjoyed his last solo album Global Culture or the latest highly anticipated AMD album will love this one.


    06-A new acquision from France joining our compilation. Plasmotek brought us this hypnotic, driving and pumping track.

    Again very deep track that will take you for a journey of obsession.


    07-Probably the "heaviest" track on here. Hydraglyph from South Africa combining the typical heavy S.A. sound with theyr vision of inteligent morning full on trance. Psychedelic and groovy as a hell.


    08-Mostly undescribable tune. Imagine psychedelic trance without beeing dark, heavy, mental, whatever.

    There is an amazing flow and development in this track - that one would like to say genious. Of course that Your opinion could completly different but we still believe that this why we love psychedelic trance..Its uplifting without beeing cheesy. Its driving without beeing simple. And it always surprises.


    09-Melodic face of this wonderboy from mountains. Freakulizer is one of the most bussy artists these days. And with this track he just prooves why. Its very danceable and entertraing full on music. Happy again to have him on Oxygen compilation.

  6. V has recorded a new set called RE:surp - its a mix between idm, ambient, elektronika or chill out music. Containing tracks from Autechre, Trentemoller, Murcof or Boards of Canada. Hope you will enjoy this slightly different music than we used to release. Its pretty melancholic, deep, hypnotic selection of tunes for listening, driving or just daydreaming. Here you can get the set here:



    and here is the full tracklist:



    01-Boards Of Canada - The Color Of The Fire - Music has the Right to Children

    02-Autechre - VLetrmx21 -Garbage

    03-Biosphere - Warmed By The Drift - Dropsonde

    04-Murcof - Cosmos - Cosmos ep

    05-Bauri - Vintertar - The Slacker Journal

    06-Bola - Phane pt.2 - Gnayse

    07-Autechre - Tewe - Chiastic Slide

    08-Arovane - Torn - Icol Diston

    09-Murcof - Rios - Remembranza

    10-Benge - Iso-Grifo - I am 9

    11-Trentemoller - The Very Last Resort - The Last Resort

    12-Faction - Inside Out - The End of Tel Aviv

    13-Biosphere - Birds Fly By Flapping Their Wings - Dropsonde



    Mixed and compiled by dj TV - Oxygen Records








    more info here:


  7. Hello everyone interested.

    Pls feel free to visit our website http://www.oxygenrecords.com.

    Especialy (regarding the topic) the section Specials : http://oxygenrecords.com/specials.htm where you can find tracks for both exclusive/non excslusive licenses.


    These tracks are mainly from Oxygen Records signed artists and the list will be updated recently.


    From now there are tracks/samples from works of Sound Field/Prosect.

    And one of the biggest hits of Spectra-Audio 59- in Audialize rmx.


    Here is the full list:)


    Sound Field - Technological Terror (Jikkenteki Remix)

    Sound Field - Alpha Technologies

    Sound Field - Inside The Pattern

    Sound Field - Saved By Technology

    Sound Field - Tribalogic

    Sound Field - Addictive By Nature

    NASA - Legolam (Sound Field rmx)

    Sound Field & Treshold - Ascension

    Sound Field - Come Touch The Sun


    spectra-audio59(audialize rmx)


    Samples online on Oxygen Website


    Hope ull like it..

  8. The 4th compilation from Oxygen Records called Pulsar has been in the pipeline for a very long time. The reason for this is that we wanted to only include tracks that were of an exceptional quality in both production and style. At a time when sometimes it is difficult to distinguish artists and tracks we decided to go for something memorable. We wanted to release something timeless and we hope we have achieved this goal. We are building on our success with the Parsec compilation with the release of Pulsar. This time even more deep and less high. The tracks range from

    full-on with progressive elements to a pumping "morning" sound. Always impressive and containing emotions that will please both the dancers and listeners among you… Artists from all over the world have found their way onto this compilation. With a juicy tracklist that includes names such as Freakulizer, M-Theory, Sound Field, Hydraglyph, Aphid Moon, Rumble Pack und Vielen Mehr… Enjoy!




    Full Tracklist:

    1-Sound Field - Oxygenate (written and produced by Andy Yakovlev) Israel 143 BPM

    2-M-Theory - Soundproof (written and produced by based Marcello Baccheschi & Rob Nichols) UK 142 BPM

    3-Setherian - Angra (written and produced by dj Seth) Brazil 145 BPM

    4-Suntree & Antigravity (written and produced by Alon Brilant and Kobi Avraham) Israel 142 BPM

    5-Aphid Moon - Oceanic (written and produced by Jules Hammer) UK 141 BPM

    6-Plasmotek - Obsession (written and produced by Thibaut Lapeyre) France 143 BPM

    7-Hydraglyph - Psyops (written and produced by Mark Ackermann & Andrew Morgan) South Africa 141 BPM

    8-Rumble Pack - Timecode (written and produced by Philip Guillame and Andreas Marki) Switzerland 143 BPM

    9-Freakulizer - Are we there? (written and produced by Simon Schwendener) Switzerland 143





    Compiled by: dj T.V. (tv@oxygenrecords.com)

    Cover by: Mike Comandeer (www.comandeer.com)

    Distributed by: Arabesque Distribution (www.arab.co.uk) Tel:+44 20 8993 5966


    More info, samples, artwork etc available soon.

  9. To be honest, samples from arabesque sounds terrible. It stinks electro :(

    I realy hope its only a sample's impression and the album won't be like that.


    Hello Muzzy,


    check the samples from our sites - they are a bit longer



    And yes and no - there are 2 tracks that can be considered as elektro influenced, the rest is IMHO complete mixture of progressive, full on, minimal etc..


    take cake:)



  10. Fantastic album. Together with Patashnik the best from Biosphere (IMHO of course).


    I just was able to listen to the second half of the album after a half year of listening - becouse i usually fell a sleep before:)))


    But seriously, its nice fusion of this deep,hypnotic ambient with those bits of jazz etc.


    Also seen Biosphere live on spring and the projektion together with the music was amazing!

  11. Sound Field - Audio Surfin' (Oxygen Records)


    1. Psychedelic Revival 09:37/135 BPM

    2. Technological Terror 08:57/138 BPM

    3. Midi Tales 08:23/137 BPM

    4. Return To The Field 06:49/140 BPM

    5. CrossBreed 09:24/138 BPM

    6. Dub Vibration 08:10/120 BPM

    7. Funk Science (Southern Mix) 08:59/130 BPM

    8. Second Step Above The Sun 09:53/132 BPM

    9. Lifted Higher 08:15/130 BPM


    Tracks 1, 2, 4 & 7: Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev.

    Tracks 3, 5, 6 & 8: Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev & Liron Atia.

    Track 9: Written & Produced by Andy Yakovlev & Lars Knudsen.






    One of the most expected (or should I say unexpected?) albums of the year is about to drop.


    Chameleon artist Andy Yakovlev (ProSect, Sonify, ICO) alone or together with Liron Atia are serving what they've been working on for the last couple of years. Extraordinairy musical talents bringing us an unbelievably-sounding fusion of goa trance and the most modern, well produced progressive trance. Sounds incredible? That’s because it is.


    After well appreciated releases on labels such as Tribal Vision, Psybooty, Iono Music and forthcoming gems on Genki Music, PAR-2, and Tranceform, the guys are bringing to us a special journey into a world of diversity. Moving from traditional solid PsyTrance sound to more progressive side of it and creating some unrepeatable dancefloor moments.


    But let's cut the promotional texts and let the guys speak for themselves...


    Posted Image


    The People


    We are carrying the Sound Field tags inside the dynamic world of the electronic music. We're just two small inspired organisms that have an own playground. And we like it.


    My name is Andy, I'm an audio freak, the one who's in charge of the funky elements, the melodical flows, the massive grooves and the final construction. Probably you met me before in one of my other projects: ProSect, Sonify or ICO. I met Liron via the global network, even though we're living on the same part of the land named Israel. H

    e's a musical traveller, whose contribution to the project probably would be the dub feel, the soft progressive touch and the morning sound reflections.


    Unfortunately Liron had an accident and cannot perform or make any new music in the short term. I wish him the best and send him my love.


    I'm continuing to work on the Sound Field project and represent it for the crowd.


    Posted Image


    The Birth & The Vision


    Our project was conceived back in 2003; probably not the best period in history for freestyling within psytrance, but who cares: it's useless to go through the arguments, it’s just what happened.


    The Sound Field project deals with innovations and attempts of progression within Psychedelic Trance. Push the envelope. Work outside the box. Forward thinking. Diversity. Do something new, original, creative. And have fun while we do it.


    Posted Image


    Audio Surfin' (The Album)


    The album production started few years ago, we had many barriers on the way, but we're finally happy to anounce its now ready for the dropping off.


    It is a fact that it's hard to be a full time producer when you're out of chosen rules in our drolling scene, but believe me, much time spent behind the album production and all of my artistry.


    I really hope, that we will make a little tiny spot and will be remembered.


    Thank you,



    Posted Image


    For more info go to:


    Sound Field - Audio Surfin'


    Oxygen Records

  12. heya tv keep up the good work. the occurance compilation is still in my heavy rotation, so really looking foward for your upcoming releases.


    can i find them in the future also at beatport? would love to :-)


    Hello Fohat, thanks for the nice words of the support...and yes we are currently working on that, all our releases will b able to get online soon as well...

    will try to inform the crowd about that


    thanx a lot again!



  13. Hello everyone,

    the summer is near and we are bringing you summer news and info from our label.






    The most important is that VA:Occurrance was released at 22.5.06 - you can read the reviews here - looking also for your feedback.


    Very pleased to inform that we are finally setled in beautifull city of Barcelona (Catalunya/Spain) and our new office postal adress is Oxygen Records, calle Pavia n25 prlm-1, Barcelona, 08028, Spain.


    Where to meet Oxygen in the summer?

    Tthe list of the parties where you can reach us during the summer is pretty lovely:

    Fullmoon Festival , Germany ,07-12.07.06 (TV)

    Underwater Overground , Croatia, 24-31.07.06 (TV)

    Union Festival, Portugal, 28-29.07.06 (Spectra)

    Samadhi open air, Canada, 01-04.08 (SoundField/Posect)

    Boom Festival, Portugal, 03-09.08.06 - official oxygen records label stall !!

    Utopia Festival, Portugal, 11-13.08.06 (TV)

    Gaggalacka, Germany, 15-18.09.06 (Nem, TV)


    ..and few more hope to come. At all these festivals you can purchase the original Oxygen Records T-shirts, cds such as other goodies that we are preparing for you.






    Musical news:

    The biggest news is that dj Seth aka Setherian will release his second full lengh album through Oxygen Records as a partnership with his own label Aeon Records, the album name will be called Postrancepose. Expect the unexpected, as I can gauarantee upfront that it will sound like nothing else ever did.


    As announced earlier the chameleon artist Andy Yakovlev alias Soundfield/Prosect - is working hard on his debut album - Audio surfin'. This one will be a crossover album from supertalented artist of the future.


    Also dj TV is preparing his next compilation - VA:Pulsar - the space adventure will continue. More info will follow soon.






    For now wishing you all the best..


    cu @ sunrise




    Contact - mail: tv@oxygenrecords.com


    web: www.oxygenrecords.com




    ..my hoovercraft is full of eels...




    *current releases*

    VA-Occurrance - out NOW!

    Setherian - Postrancepose - out soon

    Sound Field - Audio Surfin´ - out soon

  14. Hello everyone,


    we are bringing the first news about this project. More concrete info such as full tracklist, release date, cover will follow soon.



    Setherian is the most common pseudonym of brazilian born Christian Zahn aka Dj Seth.

    Now with 26 years old, the brazilian legend has never been so active as now.

    And after releasing over 30 tracks in the last 4 years, through labels like Midijum, Compact, Ajuca, Glowing Flame ( who released his debut album Multiverse in 2004), High End and of course Oxygen, amongst others,

    Seth has never been as cutting edge as now. Always going on different ways and styles, he is now ready to show his full potential with a second album scheduled to be released still this year, the name of it is great and absolutely self explainable, “Postrancepose” it is and shall present his most original and diverse works to date, going from Idmish Down Tempo to Furious Prog. Fullon.

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