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  1. VISION QUEST Presents THE GATHERING 2007 PALCALL TSUMAGOI - GUMMA KEN 15~17 September 2007 Live performances キAlternative Control キAstrix キCyrus The Virus キDali キDino Psaras キDomestic キDune キE-Fact キEskimo キGms キMelicia キPixel キPop Stream キShanti Matkin キSkazi キSwitch キTalamasca キVoid キWaio DJ sets キAMI キBansi キFernando Seca キHenrique Veiga キIrad Brant キJan Willem Bot キLee Harony キSari キWagner Sasaki event link http://www.visionquest-tokyo.com/vqdev/eve...thering2007.php http://www.visionquest-tokyo.com/i (for mobile phones) VISION PRODUCTIONS / VISION QUEST http://www.visionquest-tokyo.com
  2. Vision Quest New Release Pop Stream - Railways Artist : Pop Stream Title : Railways Label : Vision Quest Records Format : Cd Jewel Case Territory : Worldwide Release Date : 22.12.2006 Style : Psytrance Cat Number: VP063 After a break of almost three years here is the long awaited second album of Pop Stream 'Railways' His first album, released in 2002 received very good response from both the public and his peers. However for Pop Stream the reach for true sound harmony was not yet achieved. Therefore he decided to dedicate the next 2 years solely for the search of the perfect balance between the beat and the harmony. The result is really audible on this new album. Not totally Full-On, but yet very gentle at times, is the way his music will be perceived. Melodious tracks loaded with lyrics and sometimes a step into the direction of other genres of music can definitely be heard. Background voices with crossovers into gentle beats make this album a delightful listening experience. Expect novelty from this trance producer as 5 out of 10 tracks on the album have harmonious lyrics in them. Not only will you be dancing on his music in the future but expect to be singing also, a new approach to psychedelic trance music is born. With the new album of Pop Stream, “Please to meet you” will certainly become your favorite lyrics! Dance, listen, absorb. Track List 01. Broad & Skinny 02. Protoculture - Circadians ( Pop Stream Remix ) 03. Faith 04. Connect The Notes 05. Railways 06. Frost ( Remix ) 07. Echoes 08. Triptych - Fifty ( Pop Stream Remix ) 09. Off The Track 10. Happy http://www.visionquest-tokyo.com http://www.visionquest-tokyo.com/vqdev/artist_pop_stream.php
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