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  1. Psynews is dreadfully dull in your absense. :(

  2. Cinos, healing process can take easily 8 months to 2 years. Your brain,pills and rest will do the work.Loneliness may kill u, so be carefull!

  3. I gave you 1 star, fosku. Will you give me 5?

  4. Hmm haven't noticed about that rating system before...

    Well I had to try it also :)

  5. You're a good man, Stalker, despite what people say about you. :o)

  6. He doesnt have two stars anymore :)

  7. To think you only have 2 stars. I guess people don't appreciate honesty and would sooner hear insincere compliments all day. Alas.

  8. YOu deserve to have someone comment in your profile page - so here it is.

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