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  1. Space Tribe - The Future is right now

    MFG - Project Genesis

    Tandu - Multimoods

    UX - Ultimate Experience

    Tim Schuldt - Single Collection

    Planet BEN - Trippy Future Garden

    Cydonia - In fear of a red planet

    Infected Mushroom - the Gathering

  2. Astral Projection, indeed. Lame and pretentious. I recoiled from it 8 years ago and I would even more so today if I hadn't become so used to it.

    Hallucinogen is rather silly too actually.

    Asia 2001, yes, whats about Asia and 2001?

    Transwave... thought it was such a bad name the first time I saw it, but has by know heavily associated it to good music and since long forgiven the name.

    X-Dream, never liked that one.

    Infected Mushroom... how I hate that name.

    California Sunshine


    It's only when one stops to consider these names separately that they once again appears as it did the first time.



    GOOD NAMES (or rather, names that I like for some reason):


    Bypass Unit


    Green Nuns of the Revolution


    OOOD (the most aesthetically pleasing!)

    Blue Planet Corporation

  3. Ultraviolet Catastrophe is together with Sonic Mandala my favourite album of Space Tribe. I'ts not great though, and I do not have a detailed opinion about it since I listen to it so seldom.

    The Source Energy and the title tracks score highest on my board. The title track does however suffer from a terrible choice of kickdrum, one that renders the otherwise totally insane track virtually unplayable in a dj-set as far as I see it. I really detest that kickdrum. It´s the same thing with Zero Density by Transwave, a brilliant track partly ruined by an awful kick.


    The best track ever by Space Tribe is easily, I say, In the Hands of the Shaman. As is the case with a bunch of other artists, Space Tribe made his best work in collaboration with Simon Posford.

  4. One Love for sure.


    Am I the only one who thinks that Portamento is not very good? I do love the atmosphere of it and the long sample is one of the best ever. But, unfortunately, it uses the same melodic line over and over again through the entire track (except for another equally repetitive period at the end). I get bored.

  5. These aren't exactly as specified, tracks with mostly beats and 303s, but nevertheless great 303-dominated goa tracks.


    Green Nuns of The Revolition - Cor!, Megallenic Cloud, Ring of Fire, Klunk

    Cosmosis - Gift of the Gods

    Electric Universe - Luna Overdrive

    Chi-A.D. - Myoptic Utopia

    Shanti Druid - Insectattraction

    Somaton - Fearful Symetry

    Prana - Dervish (Spiral Rmx), Scarab (Green Nuns of the Revolution Rmx) <- INSANE

    The Secret - Pagan Dance




    These though:


    Gamma Loop - Eclipse

    Solar Quest - Georges Allniter

    Lochi - London Acid City

    DJ Hardware - Mad Cows on Acid

  6. in other words i couldnt agree with you more?


    these twisted sentences drive me crazy :wacko:

    No, he doesn't fail to disagree. Hence it's understood that he disagrees.



    Great line, but how does it relate to the scene?

  7. I agree with most of the previous post, and is outraged that such a beautiful piece of art never saw daylight as a printed album. Has there ever been a better candidate for resurrection by some label that's into goatrance? Hardly. We have already had the great pleasure to see Backfire and Transdimensional arrive in our mailboxes, and why not this one? It would be true service of goodness putting this forward. And I can hardly imagine that the sales wouldnt cover the costs. But if it that is actually the case, then it's really a pity.

  8. Different Species a very well done song filled with high and low pitched sonic sounds. It has some nice melody structures as it progresses. I'd say the only fall back is that it isn't a super song. It would be a good breather in between Pleiadian super songs if they had released a third album maybe although in comparison to I.F.O. and several excellent FOL tracks this isn't as up there. It's still good! B


    Antonomasia again involves those fast, twisting sonic streams of melodies and melodic complexity. Many are high pitched however and the song becomes generally repetitive as it progresses. This honestly sounds like a track that didn't make the Family of Light album because it wasn't good enough or accepting to what they wanted for what it is. B-



    My stomach twists on those poor grades. I always much enjoy reading your high quality reviews Jon, but hey. I honestly think Antonomasia is one of the most awsome tracks ever, insane psychedelia excecuted with stunning perfection. No other track messes with my head in such a powerful and lovely way as this one. The break at 2:50... incredible. The whole track is incredible, and the almost two minute long buildup to the "peak" at around 8 minutes is just unbelievable. And it just continues to get better, at around 9 minutes I seldom know what to do with myself out of fascination. And yet I have heard this track hundreds of times. Possibly the second best piece of music ever made, only Maia I could readily put ahead. And its for sure miles ahead of any track out of FOL.


    And then Different Species, what a composition, what a masterpiece. These guys where so knowing what they were doing, this music-making is Posford quality and beyond. Constantly morphing, storytelling and advancing. This track containes so much, and it never failes to deliver. Sure its not as mindblowing intense as most of the material on for example IFO, but the sheer perfection of it... When hearing this I'm often struck by just that, its diamond perfection as an epic goatrance track. I find both of these MUCH more impressive than for example Lunar Civilization and Pentagone.


    I respect your opinion though, and its quite well argued as usual.

    Tastes are tastes I guess... :)

  9. In the subject of best album, my vote falls for IFO. As i've said before, I shall probably not ever again encounter a song better than Maia. Yet IFO has several other tracks almost in the same legue as this number one. Second best, probably Twisted followed by Trust in Trance 3.

    Had Crop Circles ever made an album, I'm sure it would be among my top5.


    Top10 albums (not in order of priority):


    Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy

    Astral Projection - Trust in Trance 3

    Cosmosis - Cosmology

    Cosmosis - Synergy

    Dimension 5 - Transdimensional

    Etnica - Alien Protein

    Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger

    Hallucinogen - Twisted

    Pleiadians - IFO

    Transwave - Helium (the tracks have awful kickdrums though, a pity)






    Doof - Let's Turn On

    GNotR - Rock Bitch Mafia

    Transwave - Backfire

    KoxBox - Forever After

    Tandu - Multimoods




    I've seen you make that mistake before. Though I think you know it's To Sirius, right?

  10. I was fortunate enough to find this second hand for a reasonable price some years ago. Great album, possibly on my top10 list of albums ever. One can hardly stylishly recognize Cosmosis on Synergy as Cosmosis on the awsome Cosmology, but why bother when it's this good.


    All tracks are good, great or excellent. But if I'm asked to pick three favourites, the it's Spores from space, Higher Access (the best one) and Moonshine.

  11. I recieved my copy within two days of ordering from psyshop, always fast and smooth between Sweden and Germany. I have listened to it several times since and this is truly a wonderfully composed album, each track a treat of its own. The D5 style is rather unique. I wonder, where else to turn in search for exceptionally far out, full-on melodic goatrance if not to D5? That would probably be to Pleiadians or nowhere, asking me.

    The D5 style is very epic, travelling and hypnotic, with an ever present sense of purpouse and connection. This is goatrance close to its core. I have not listened to this album nearly enough to write a full review, but the tracks that are most strikingly engaging and beautiful to me are Omega Centauri, Deep Space 5D and Harmonic Convergence (which by the way might be my favourite track-title ever). Though as suggested by Jon Coccos (excellent) review above, the album has an overall very high quality, not failing the listener anywhere.



    After hearing this album I deeply want Second Phaze now.. but i'm wondering if Suntrip has more re-releases up their sleeve and perhaps i should hold off...

    Second Phaze was never nearly as expensive or difficult to obtain. Me myself scored it on Music Stack for little more than 20$, and I have seen it thus available more than once since. Amazone, and of course ebay are other possibilities. Good luck finding it.

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