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  1. OUT NOW! You can grab the EP in both vinyl & digital format on our Bandcamp https://moonbeasts.bandcamp.com/album/unexpected-turn-of-events
  2. Just received the test presses and they do sound crispy good! Everything's on track for an early March release Oh and by the way, for the collectors, you can also pre-order the (signed by yours truly) test presses too
  3. Pre-orders are now available https://moonbeasts.bandcamp.com/album/unexpected-turn-of-events
  4. ORDER: BANDCAMP Life and Death, Good and Evil, Love and Hate, Light and Dark. It's all a matter of balance. And balance, as we've previously established, is a very delicate thing indeed. You can fall at any given moment. And when that fall inevitably happens, well, you better be prepared to face whatever comes next... What have we gotten ourselves into, this time? Hard to tell. What's certain is that we've fallen into the wrong side and now, in an unexpected turn of events, have no choice but to fight our inner demons. Tracklist: A1: Real externality A2: La petite porte B1: Escaping the plague B2: Walking a tightrope towards the unknown Mastering by: Tim Schuldt Artwork by: Pieter Pan Samples:
  5. OUT NOW! You can grab this single for free (or a little more if you want to) on our bandcamp https://moonbeasts.bandcamp.com/track/sarkolepsie
  6. OUT NOW! Grab it here: https://moonbeasts.bandcamp.com/track/sarkolepsie "Brace yourselves ! The Beasts are back, and they mean business with this hi-octane, fast paced goa trance track. Melodies ? Check. Acid ? Check. Groovy rhythms? Check n' check. Former french president Nicolas Sarkozy ? FLIPPIN' CHECK ! There are no brakes on that psychedelic train ! Choo-choo !" Sample: Release date: 21/12/21 Artwork by: Pieter Pan Mastering by: Cassio Centurion
  7. OUT NOW You can grab this single on our Bandcamp page: https://moonbeasts.bandcamp.com/track/aquilon
  8. OUT NOW! Buy here: https://moonbeasts.bandcamp.com/track/aquilon We are pleased to release our second single entitled “Aquilon”. This time, we explore some more relaxed feelings with a down/mid tempo track filled with dreamy lead sounds, lush atmospheres and a hypnotic rhythm. Don’t let the peaceful vibes fool you, the cold, harsh and worrying Aquilon winds are only a prelude to upcoming Moon Beastly adventures... Release date: 01/09/2021 Preview: Artwork by: Pieter Pan Mastering by: Igor Čeranić @ Deimos Soundlabs
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