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    Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    Psytrance and Hard Trance Music Producer and DJ

About Me

Music is an aural sensory form that exists within very concise limitations. It has a definite beginning and end. Notes sound, then they fall away and decay. This is not in my music. Whereas, music has energy, my music is the energy.

My music is the now. It is the absolute, unadulterated expression of pure existence manifesting itself from one instant to the next. It is one single moment replicating itself eternally with unlimited variations. It is neither light nor dark, joy nor sorrow, creation nor destruction; it is pure energy. It simply is.

It is pure beautiful confusion and continuous cosmological chaos.

It’s algorithms are the same algorithms which constitute your DNA and its throbbing life pulse is the exact same vibration which is infinitely occurring at the very epicenter of each and every sub-atomic particle in the entirety of creation – including the ones which make up the being which you have learned to call yourself.

Free your mind…

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