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  1. Hey everyone, What a nice forum! Thanks for letting us join. It is also good to see you have a place to put some techno music. We are Monument, the magazine/podcast/festival and event series operating all around the world. We started 6 years ago with two people, and today we are an online crew of 42 people. Its been a fun ride, and this year we successfully launched our first festival in the forests of Norway. Anyways, we thought it would be a nice idea to share our concept here and maybe get some ideas/feedback/new fans. Right here you can find our online magazine, covering techno music from all over the world: Monument Magazine Our podcast can be found on every major streaming service(soundcloud, spotify, youtube, tuneIN etc). Just search for Monument techno podcast, and it should be there. Our festival will return next year, and we welcome all dancers, lovers and beautiful souls to join us! Come experience the Norwegian forests, the hugs, and the joy of the Monument people And if you are in Oslo, Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen +++ keep an eye out for our events. With love from the Monument crew
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