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  1. No Plusminus :) thx for the effort Nice tracks though :) If i remember correctly, the bpm is much slower then these songs. maybe arround 138? There's also not that much going on in the song. It was at the time a 'popular'' song on the dancefloor. Damn, why did i smoke al that stuff back then... memory is shattered :)
  2. nope... the pitch of the voice is much higher
  3. That's not it. Maybe my description was not that great. The track is much more powerfull. And the emphasis is on screaming, not singing. But great track nevertheless thx
  4. Hi everyone I'm looking for 2 songs. First song is a remix, i think by parasense but i'm not sure. The original song is ASTRUD GILBERTO AND ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM - AGUA DE BEBER. I've been looking online but i cannot find it anywhere. Second is and oldschool goa song that I can only describe as a women screaming/singing. It builds up halfway the track just with her voice going up and down, and then it explodes with a great beat with her voice repeating the same chant. Thx for the help, greetz from Antwerp.
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