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  1. I recently got sucked into the Rabbit Hole of Psytrance through my musical exploration and personal creative development. I've never been directly involved with PsyTrance, though I did gig a lot with a psychedelic rock group a few years ago, through which I played at a few Psytrance festivals and events (my favourite of the bunch being a festival called Alchemy in the UK!) I signed up here to take part in the music production/influence discussion and to find new music to listen to and be inspired by. Maybe I'll have a few philosophical conversations about life while I'm here! Since I was editing this as the confirmation of my access to this board came through, I'll (I promise that I'll share this stuff in the music specific areas usually!) I thought that I'd include it in this post. This is a good representation of the kind of stuff I'm up to creatively. The artist in the foreground is my wife and I am performing 'Live Coding', sequencing a bunch of synths and samplers via an interface of pure text. I wouldn't call the music PsyTrance exactly (more like 'Algorithic Siberian Trance'), but I certainly feel that the influence is starting to creep into what we're doing. The lead sound (Moog Model D) in particular is inspired by the PsyTrance that I've been listening to recently. I hope that you will enjoy it, and feel free to leave any feedback for us! Anyway, hi all -- nice to meet you! Oscar South
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