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  1. Definitely like our more chilled out moments! Thanks for that! R
  2. I know I'm very late to this party, but as this is still one of the top hits in Google when you type in Children of the Bong, I thought I should say Hi If you haven't already seen, I've created a website for all things Children of the Bong (www.childrenofthebong.com) and this thread in the artist news section too! Thank you for all your support and love for the music - always nice to hear! BTW for my 2p's worth, check out the band, 'Opiuo' especially their 'Slurp and Giggle' album... kind of what I think we would sound like now if we'd carried on
  3. Well to be fair, we recorded it (as in mixed/remixed) in 14 days but had written most of it before then in our bedroom studio! I think nowadays we can infinitely tweak our tracks and keep going back to it so easily that its hard to say its actually finished, back then it was a real pain to set up all the synths and mixing desk again so you worked on the same track until it was done!
  4. Ha ha, a rip of a cassette? Quality!! Those tracks were definitely among the ones I was looking at. They were never mastered originally so they would sound much better if released! 'Ultraviolet Catastrophy'? I've had a few of those but didn't call a track that.... 'Ultraviolet Frequencies' maybe?
  5. Oh man, I forgot to mention the T-shirts, thanks for reminding me!! If you haven't seen, we've just sorted some brand new t-shirt designs based on the artwork from Sirius Sounds and more! Check out our shop and let me know what you think!
  6. You've got the cassettes??? Excellent!! Thanks for the support Funnily enough, I've just been going though some of the tracks that didn't make it on to Sirius Sounds (due to time limits on the double Vinyl and CD) and the stuff we did after that didn't get released and its pretty dammed good (even if I do say so myself)! So... watch this space Thanks for the heads up! Link now fixed (I hope). The website is basically a digitised version of my memories and a box full of photos etc that I found. A lot of things are a bit hazy these days... but I can't remember why...!
  7. Children of the Bong It's been a while...25 years in fact! Check out the new site www. childrenofthebong.com for all things Bong; like: how we got started or the 'making of' SIRIUS SOUNDS or what we did next, with stories, photos and music. Let me know what you think! Rob Bong.x #COTB25
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