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  1. Hey guys, this is going to sound like a conspiracy theory...probably wouldn't of believed this type of story unless id been what i've been through over the past year.... Alright, so apparently, theirs a group of people out there that investigate people. Everyone's life is recorded, the electronic frequencies the brain works on is recorded, and can be replayed, our lives, on record.... At this time last year, i was contacted by this group, they said i had been smoking too much, i had just quit...they taught me life saving information, on how to deal with the black tar residue... Over the next 7 months there were so many lies regarding the position & reality of this group. After 7 months of lies, such as were based at the police station, everyone's on drugs such as MDMA and LSD...i found out this guy had framed me, making it seem like i didn't want to be one of them. This, is of-course fake...i want to be one of them that badly its not funny..a secret organisation that has such incredible advanced technology?? Why not! This guy was incredibly rude to me over the next 4ish months....He lacks respect, but im trying to bring him over to the side of good... Anyways, hes stayed on my investigation, and is causing me heaps of grief, i ask of anyone who is one of them, please send for the guy in charge...! Thanks everyone, interesting stuff right?....! -Zac Fokes
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