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  1. Very good track until first 3-4 minute but at one certain point change into spacey vibe ...is not what i'm lookin for
  2. Hello,everyone I'm starting to appreciate Trance music, hopefully the interest evolving always more and more. I've discovered classics of the 90 like Transmission by Juno Reactor and Abduction by Eat Static but my favourite so far is We created our own happiness by X DREAM Album sound different in comparison to orhers that i've mentionated Robotic and more deep oriented music..no cathcy melodies..No ethereal or psychedelic vibe..powerful and glacial music I'm starting to thinking german scene produced type of music that i like more in comparison to Uk artist Here's is an exmple https://youtu.be/3pF26zm6FV4 What album, label or artist from 93-98 100% German would you suggest me?
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