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  1. Cheers for the info! I didn't expect car rental to be so cheap, I didn't even consider that as an option. I'll probably fly to Seville then drive to the festival. So is it fine to drive straight to the festival or are there dirt roads involved? Also good to see some dark/forest acts added to the lineup, I was afraid it was going to be purely goa - I like some variation
  2. Hi all, I thought the lineup for connection this year was insane so I'm traveling very far from Aus to go and it will also be my first time ever in EU. I'm flying into Madrid on the 20th and I'm wondering if anyone knows the best way to get to the venue, it's rather vague - I don't know whether I should train/fly to Seville or if there's a way to get directly to the venue from Madrid. Since I'm coming so far, is bringing a tent a must, and what sort of weather can I expect at the location? Also if any friendly folks are offering a lift there I would be glad to chip in some money for a ride I'm 26 and a goa producer myself so I'm sure I'd get along with anyone from psynews. Thanks!
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