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  1. as the lucky father of a now 10 month old daughter, im asking myself: what are the easiest parties to attent to if you plan on bringing small kids? lost theory (while it was still in croatia) had a special camping place for families further away from the party, which i figured was a nice idea, but i didnt get to try it out since i didnt have kids back then also, what do you think is the youngest age where it makes sense to bring kids to a party? i was thinking about going to ozora this year - i havent been since 2009 - but the little one will be barely above 1 year until then does anyone know if ozora now provides special care to families, like a designated space for camping? any input is very welcome
  2. i know this thread is old, and this album is old, but i just recently started to listen to it i saw darshan at lost theory in 2014, and was totally blown away... lots of chemicals involved, but still, i got the feeling that i never heard that kind of music before... like he was playing his sound backwards... after the festival i listened to spectre, but that album failed to deliver, and i forgot about darshan for a long time.. after once again becoming obsessed with chasing the sound ive heard years ago, i finally listened to awakening... while its not exactly how i remember him playing live, its the closest thing ive found yet... a dark, vibrating, very dense tapestry of sound... and i normally dont even like dark goa, since i dont like the monotony or the evil vibes... darshan manages to be dark without any trace of evil, more like melancholy... and the sound is soft instead of harsh... pure YIN! so my verdict, based on a not-too thourough knowledge of the psytrance genre: 10/10, my favourite trance album of all time so the real question, that i subscribed to this forum just to ask: can someone please point me to similar sound? id be very grateful... i tried a couple of recommendations ive found (green nuns of the revolution, headscan, talamasca), and while its good sound, nothing really matches this one album
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