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  1. ONLINEMASTERINGSTUDIO.EU, on-line mix and mastering studio owned by Marian Brezekhiel Brezovan releases: EU ProMixEQ-10A, high quality precise mixing equalizer. EU ProMixEQ-10A is VST plug-in mixing equalizer designed by Marian Brezekhiel Brezovan, who has more than 10 years of experiences with DSP coding / plug-in development. EU ProMixEQ-10A is designed to produce precise musically sounding tones with minimum coloration, artifacts and harshness of sound, ideal as main mixing equalizer for individual instruments / tracks. Equalizer uses latest available technologies (DSP codes) of EQ/Filt
  2. Hi Guys I just wanted to inform you, that I opened new analog online mastering studio oriented on Psytrance / Fullon / Darkpsy / Hitech / Proggy mastering. Im in mastering and music production business for over 10 years. I mastered artists like: Parasense, Dirty Saafi, Parasect, Synthetik Chaos, Headworks, GoaTree, Annunaki, Fractal spin, Spiritual mode and many others, worked for labels like Bom Shanka London, Squarelab music France www.onlinemasteringstudio.eu I equipped my new studios with standard hi-end gear (Crane Song, Avalon, TC Electronic) as well as sepacial custom made / modifie
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