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  1. Hahaha, after all these years. Thank you so much! And yes, it is one those tracks that I never got tired of. Like you, I really like the minimal approach, simple yet effective. Really... THANK YOU!
  2. So, the year is around 1996, 1997 when I get a casette with some Goa Trance (some I managed to find over the years) and then there were some other tracks. Darker, more mystical style. All that I have left from that tape is this: I've been trying to identify it ever since and hopefully it will lead me to the rest. Least to say, I haven't even been near them in search. So it could be pre-goa or a sub-genre to goa. So I really hope that someone else may have heard it before and can identify it. Bonus: The other tracks that I can remember, but I can only vagely describe them. 1. Follows the same darker theme as above, but the difference was that there was a piano playing, very high notes (enough to hurt your ears if volume was too high) 2. Same again, but slightly lower BPM and a couple of times you could listen to a female, hypnotizing/relaxing you. Sadly i've mixed up the lyrics with Miranda - Gnocchi. But I do remember her saying "... and listen to hypno trance..." and possibly "... express your sexuality ...". Think there were even some churchbell sample going between the bass drum kicks. Thank you for your time! // MindBlaster
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