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  1. Thanks for the ideas! Loads of great tunes in this video I'll be sure to check the rest of his videos too.
  2. Thanks, that's a new perspective I haven't considered If you look back on the earlier comments, people said they'd heard this before, which makes me think this may be an actual release somewhere out there.
  3. Hm, not sure I understand exactly what you mean - is this not a real track in your opinion? If not goa trance, what style would this be?
  4. The link in the original is a downloadable mp3, but here is another one on Soundcloud. Thanks for listening.
  5. Giving this one another try, I hope someone can recognize it. Thanks for any help!
  6. Any ideas about this track? Thanks!
  7. Bumping again - Happy new year everyone!
  8. Thanks for your suggestions, I have checked them but didn't have any luck finding this tune among those. The only record I wasn't able to verify was Phasis 101 ‎– No Proper Time Of Day. I agree on the early goa trance sound. If only I had a clearer and longer sample... Thanks for taking the time to listen. Thanks for your suggestion, now I've checked virtually everything LDC has released, but no match there.
  9. Giving this tune another try - anyone?
  10. Bump for the new year. Any ideas?
  11. I appreciate any clues or ideas. This appears to be a really difficult tune to ID...
  12. Bumping up this one for new listeners!
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