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  1. Sorry that I haven't been on in a while..busy with life stuff.There is a lot of good music out there,and I want to thank you all for the help in finding what I like.Interesting that one release will be great,and the next is just so-so.I am still working my way through the list of artists tho,so I am sure I will find more great music. kartoonz...I have an Astrix already and need to listen to more..I will check out Vibe Tribe at Youtube..thanks for the suggestion for sure!...Cheers!
  2. This is really helpful!I see that I am in the right area,as Koxbox...E-Mantra and a couple more that yopu mentioned are already in my library.I really am very appreciative for all the help!I'mma gonna be busy for a while.Lol Yeassir.These suggestions are very much appreciated.Trust me when I say that.I will say that I have Atmos 604 playing again.That is really a good release. I have spent many an hour over at Ektoplazm.I actually got started there with the Best Of postings and then went on from there.I appreciate the suggestion of Bandcamp also.I didn't know you could sample there.That is actually a very good idea.
  3. No doubt I came to the right place for suggestions.I got as far as the first suggestion Earwall made..haven't made it further.I was going to sample some cuts,but i tried Atmos 604 first,and haven't got the self control to move on yet.This is really Good Good music!It's still GOA to me,but realy really good Goa.:)Starkraver..I didn't mention that Juno Reactor is also one of my faves,but I hadn't heard their Golden Sun from the Great East release yet.I'll get to it as soon as I have all the Atmos stuff.Ha-ha...Thanks for the help guys!...on edit:I also have some Solar Fields and Carbon Based LifeForms Interloper and Jaia Blue Energy.
  4. I'm new to trance/techno.I'm also older than dirt.I am a recent convert to this genre of music.I will allow that I do like some Goa (especially the old school stuff,but the underbeat(?)get's to me after a little while,so I don't listen to a lot of it..I tried Downtempo,and it is nice and has it's place,but I find myself gravitating to Psytrance.I enjoy Shpongle--Younger Brother..Hallucinogen--OTT..Blue Planet Corp..Cosma..Saafi Bros etc.I don't much like the darker genre's of Psytrance tho.I spend a goodly amount of time on youtube (I know ..ACCCKKK!!) but there seems to be a good deal of music there to sample.Any suggestions as to what other artists i might try,given my preferences? I apologize for being new,and this might read like a topic from an elementary student,But I really would appreciate some suggestions.Thanks.SP
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