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  1. The circles getting closer - be a part, be a source or just enjoy the show - feel free to drown into a deep trip with the finest sounds of Darkpsy, Forest, Twilight, Full-on, Psybient, Psydub & Experimental. Last time, we've been overwhelmed by the complete positive resonance of everyone who has been involved, made us very happy & strong enough to open-up the next round. The commitments of magnificent world-wide artists have now been confirmed to quicken up the pulse!!! Especially we're looking forward for the new location, which will be in a tiny little forest, at a shiny little lake - between Hamburg and Berlin (A24). FRACTALIA is going back to the quest for the primal spirit of Psytrance and you are very welcome to share with us the idea of a back-2-roots-gathering. Come with us and resurrect the psychedelic consciousness!!! Your fractal freaks ;o))) LIVE: ★ Vertical (Finland) - Parvati Records https://soundcloud.com/vertical_parvati ★ BrainDrop (India) - Omveda Records / Occulta Records https://soundcloud.com/braindropmusic ★ Malice in Wonderland (Austria) - 2to6 Records / Hybrid Audio https://soundcloud.com/malice-in-wonderland ★ Yara (Venezuela) - Lycantrop Records / D-A-R-K Records https://soundcloud.com/yaraproject ★ Nyama (Germany) - Damaru Records / Psyber Tribe Records https://soundcloud.com/nyama ★ Muscaria (Austria) - Banyan Records / Sonic Loom Records https://soundcloud.com/paramuscaria ★ Hypnoise (Spain) - Maharetta Records / Antu Records https://soundcloud.com/hypnoisesound ★ Malkaviam (Venezuela) - Lycantrop Records https://soundcloud.com/malkaviam ★ Jaramogi & Naima (Austria) - Blue Hour Sounds https://soundcloud.com/jaramogi_naima ★ DunkelRob (Germany) - Soundviecher / PHI Records https://soundcloud.com/dunkelrob ★ Blastbit (Germany) - Fractalia Team ★ Mad Aries (Germany) - Fractalia Team / Nephilim Records DJs: ★ Daksinamurti (Germany) - Sangoma Records / Timecode Records ★ DJane Naima (Austria) - Sangoma Records ★ Dsompa (Germany) - Peak Records / Sangoma Records ★ BuzZ (Japan) - Sangoma Records / Doof Records ★ Merry:) (Germany) - Purple Hexagon Records / Gaggalacka Festival ★ sG4rY (Germany) - Purple Hexagon Records / Sangoma Records ★ RaOuL (Germany) - Blue Hour Sounds / Maharetta Records ★ N Stomp (Singapore) - Purple Hexagon Records ★ Kimmei (Germany) - Banyan Records / Amaya Productions ★ Elektroengel (Germany) - Soundviecher / PHI Records ★ Diavolo (Germany) - Soundviecher / PHI Records ★ DJane Micasphere (Germany) - BMSS Records ★ DJane Caro Sunshine (Germany) - Fractalia Team ★ Maniac Psynapsis (Germany) - Indali Records ★ Lesharo (Germany) - Fractalia Team ★ Psilohead (Germany) - Fractalia Team ★ Saltaux (Germany) - IONO Music Here we go - please share and invite. We would like to offer the opportunity to purchase some pre-sale tickets. The discounted tickets are limited and they will be available in two phases: 19 Euro ticket - limit 30 pc - sold out 29 Euro ticket - limit 50 pc 45 Euro ticket - at the gate HOW TO GET YOUR TICKET: 1. for pre sale send an e-mail with your FIRST & SURNAME, your BIRTHDAY and from which COUNTRY you transfer; to: psyservice@gmx.de 2. you will get your pre sale-number and our bank account 3. if you have transferred the money with the pre sale-number as reference you get your final ticket number For multiple orders we need the other names and dates of birth. With your final ticket number and your passport / identity-card you get your festival-wristband at the entry.
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