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  1. Hello ! Thx 4 Feedback ! Here something new from me :
  2. Hello ! Here my latest Track : Greetz
  3. Hello ! Here my latest Track. I love the Metroid Video-Game Series, so I was inspired from it for this Song. Greetz from Austria Here the Hardware Video :
  4. Hello ! I want to show you my latest Song. Its Trance Style mixed with 90's Rave and Psy Elements. The Music I produced in my Hardware Studio ! Greetings from Austria
  5. Hello ! Here my newest Psytrance Song ! I produced the Song just in Hardware... Enjoy
  6. Hello ! Here is my newest Psytrance Song I produced in the Elektron Analog 4 and Analog Rytm. I would be pleased about some Feedback! Greetings from Austria https://youtu.be/HjfoKrTo-Lw
  7. Hello ! Here is my newest Song I produced with the Elektron Analog 4 and Analog Rytm. The Track sounds like Commercial Trance with Acid and Psytrance Elements. With best regards Mexx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvJdXK2bcDg&list=UUqAyH9jbgtkpfn8GamdMDmQ
  8. Very nice stuff on your SoundCloud Page ! Your 303-AR Mix is Awesome !
  9. Hello ! First I want to say sorry about my english .... Thanx a lot for your Feedback ! Yes ! This Hardware-Boxes are very nice for creating Trance/Psytrance. The limitation ; just 4 Synth Channels and 8 active Drum channels, is good for my Worklflow. I was suprised about the Psy-Bassline capabilities from the Analog 4. Greetings
  10. Name : Programchange URL : https://www.youtube.com/user/TheProgramChange Greetings
  11. Hello ! Here my newest song I created in the 2 Electron Machines ! Greetings from Austria https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx1IfmbvZsk https://soundcloud.com/madmexx82/darkstar-x
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