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  1. When going out alone, it's good to come out with plenty of positivity behind you....if you bring the positivity then people are more likely to want to be around you, it's infectious. I have a pre-going out ritual that I follow - a light workout, some yoga, eat some healthy food, relax and listen to some psychill in a hot bath. Maybe meet with some non-psy friends during the daytime to get your social muscles warmed up. Then come into the party with no expectations and see where the night takes you. There is a more long-term option as well - develop a relevant art, such as poi's, juggling, contact ball, dancing....you will make friends while training these kinds of skills and when you are competent you will get respect. It's more long-term in nature, but for someone who has difficulty socialising it could be a great way to meet people as well as do something fun. I started working on my dancing 5 years ago, learning many different styles, it has become a real passion and it's paid dividends in many areas of my life. To learn an art that you enjoy, and attempt to master it, is a beautiful thing and worthy of respect.
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