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  1. Thanx guys for all the help on goa & prog psy . Now need some help on Full-On Night & Dark-Psy? What do you think of this track ? It sounds a bit like Goa , but under album description it was written Full-On Night ? Here's another track below from the same album This one sounds dark & highly energetic, and thus its Full-On Night i guess. So can i call it dark-psy instead of calling it full-on night ?? Its just that i'm categorizing my tracks on youtube ... and under my full-on playlist i don't wanna add any dark or night tracks ... i'm only adding cheesy/happy/morning tracks under my full-on playlist ... and so would rather add this second track under my dark-psy playlist if you guys think that's ok . thanx
  2. Ok. And is goa trance always fast and energetic , with loud eastern/dark melodies ? ... coz i came upon a few goa tracks which were quite slow , not as slow as psybient though, but slower than the usual fast/energetic goa . So, what would you call such Goa tracks? ... Btw in wiki its written that psybient is also known as Ambient Goa . Your thoughts on this one please .
  3. Thanx Drosophila , Well i don't know if i'm right about this but until & unless a track is really really cheesy with psychedelic elements, i really don't call it Full-On ... like this track here below which is really cheesy and a perfect Full-On Psy in my opinion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G646FYGwsDk
  4. Thanx and that's an awesome track you posted. The first 5 mins is full of slow calm melodies and then the goa like sounds kick in ... Did you upload it ?
  5. Hmmm, you said Progressive is less melodic than Psytrance , but i found many latest progressive psy that are melodic , not loud & chessy melodic , but slow and smooth melodic. Here are some examples - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0FCh27f0OI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bpBKgf51ws https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn2yMeA3qlw So, what do you think ? Are these really Prog Psy that i posted above ? thanx
  6. Hello , im new to psytrance . And lately i've been listening a lot of goa/psy and came to know that goa and psytrance are not exactly the same even though many considers them the same since psy originated from goa. Well, Psy is less melodious than goa ... Whereas Psytrance's subgenre Progressive Psy is somewhat melodious , not in a cheesy way , but rather has a smooth , hypnotic melody. Now i'm having some problems . Please tell me , is Progressive PsyTrance the same as Progressive Goa ?? I haven't heard much Progressive Goa ... only heard the 90s old school goa which is highly energetic and fast , and the melodies in it varies from eastern melodies to dark melodies. So what exctly is Progressive Goa ? How its different from Progressive PsyTrance ? Also how many sub-genres are there in Goa? I mean i know the subgenres of PsyTrance like , Prog Psy, FullOn Psy , Dark/Forest Psy. But are there any sub-genres of goa like Progressive Goa or Ambient Goa ? And pls don't say they are all the same coz i'm not one of those people who would consider Goa and Psy the same stuff. Thanx.
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