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  1. Snyper - The Puzzle / Blue Light Special OUT NOW !! https://antiscarp-records.bandcamp.com/album/the-puzzle-blue-light-special 1. The Puzzle 2. Blue Light Special The veteran sharpshooter Snyper returns to Antiscarp, reloading the chamber with two fresh rounds of audio artillery. “The Puzzle” fires off first, bearing a mangled, guttural bass-scape at the opening before launching into a dizzying double-kick sprint to the target zone. “Blue Light Special” deals out the remaining damage with a funk-flanked bassline guaranteed to overheat the battlefield. released 28 January 2015 +free b
  2. Special Blend - Girls´ Night Out! Greek freeform psychedelic artist Special Blend has swirled up his first full-length concoction set to be served up on Antiscarp Records. Joey Dianos (known also as Oxya) already has a slew of releases spanning numerous international labels and has performed at festivals far-and-wide. Now, as Special Blend, he lends his services as the cosmic concierge, making arrangements for an epic “Girls Night Out!” Popping the top on this sonic Dom Perignon, Special Blend pours up nine distinct, psychedelic drinks, spiked with glimmering, funk-infused synthwork, syn
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