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  1. Hello lovelies, ZAGOA is taking place in the desert of Morocco in May. Since we do the Healing Area, we have a fewreduced tickets exclusively for 94 left. If anyone is interested please send a mail to: info@desert-u-retreat.com and we provide you with the link. A new era in the desert ! Bring life where it does not exist, create a world through music and thus contributing to the universal magic : this is the concept, complex yet simple, that offers Zagoa Festival. After the success of its first edition in 2012, Zagoa Festival promises to be the musical experience not to be missed this year in Morocco. From Marrakech, the city of a thousand and one night until the Draa Valley and its landscape that combines the desert sand and green palm groves, through Ouarzazate, the Moroccan Hollywood, the path Zagora will be the opportunity to discover a panorama and human diversity outsized . Starting point for many centuries for camel caravans venturing to distant Timbuktu, Zagora, the borders of the Sahara, but surrounded by the Atlas Mountains, a meeting place for Berber farmers and Arab pastors, marked by hot days and freezing nights, is a land of contrasts, a door between worlds. While some seek ease and comfort, Zagoa Festival chose the authenticity and challenge. It is in the south of Morocco, marked by asceticism and fundamental, far away from these modern flourishes such as consumerism and the artificial, the organizers have made the crazy bet to graft their univers. In an exceptional place around the must of the artistic and cultural programming, Phoenix, the firebird, will arise and establish his lair. Zagoa Festival is a unique concept of its kind that offers a rare experience where, in a magical environment, more than one hundred artists will perform, including: ANTAGON ALPHA ATMA ALLABY BOOM SHANKAR DRISS DIGICULT DEJAVOO DARMA DNI EDOARDO ELECTRIC UNIVERSE GROOVE INSPECTORZ HEMEI HP HYPERFREQUENCIES KRISTIAN LAUPHING BUDDAH MENOG MISSTICK MARCO MENICHELLI MAYAXPERIENCE NIBANA OTEZUKA PROGMATIC SHANE GOBI SKYFALL SUN PROJECT SPIROS WOM SENSUAL SQUEAK THE TINY FAT GANG U-RECKEN UNIQUE REPEAT WT&U -Z- (Alpha & Antagon) 7 ESTRELO Many performers take advantage of this event to unveil their latest and craziest artwork and participate fully in the program with their world while laser and light. An extraordinary festival will know its apotheosis under the wings of phoenix during the full moon, a universal symbol of spiritual rebirth. The desert cannot be told Its experienced!
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