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  1. Hey guys, here is my new track Forever coming soon on Roll-In Groove Records. Have a listen
  2. https://www.beatport.com/release/no-reality/1979045 https://soundcloud.com/shouldb3banned/shouldb3banned-no-reality
  3. Coming Soon on Roll-In Groove Records https://soundcloud.com/shouldb3banned/shouldb3banned-no-reality
  4. https://soundcloud.com/shouldb3banned/shouldb3banned-spring-harder-mix-2016
  5. Here is our Live Set https://soundcloud.com/shouldb3banned/shouldb3banned-live-goafamily-9-switzerland
  6. Have a great summer everyone! ShouldB3Banned x
  7. https://soundcloud.com/shouldb3banned/shouldb3banned-live-ug-bulach-switzerland
  8. Please have a listen and enjoy https://soundcloud.com/shouldb3banned/elles-de-graaf-tears-from-the-moon-shouldb3banned-remix
  9. Hi guys, here is our remix of One Thing, coming soon for free download
  10. This our new track which is forthcoming on VA - Winter Grooves on Roll-In Groove Records! https://soundcloud.com/shouldb3banned/shouldb3banned-games
  11. Here is the unreleased version for free download https://soundcloud.com/shouldb3banned/shouldb3banned-mental-atmosphere-unreleased-version-free-download
  12. Prog Box kindly asked us to feature as their first Guest Mix so here it is for free download! https://soundcloud.com/shouldb3banned/prog-box-guest-mix-vol-1-shouldb3banned
  13. Here is the new track off our upcoming EP! Hope you enjoy, feedback welcome https://soundcloud.com/shouldb3banned/shouldb3banned-are-you-coming-or-not
  14. https://soundcloud.com/shouldb3banned/shouldb3banned-bassface-festival-mix Our mix for Bassface Festival!!!
  15. Hi guys, here's out latest track! Hope you like! http://soundcloud.com/shouldb3banned/section303-alex-carroll-out-in-the-woods-shouldb3banned-remix
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