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  1. Hey Padmapani, thanks a lot for your reply, sounds awesome! I'll PM you
  2. Hi! Im looking to start a cicle of house psy parties. It can be anywhere in the world, so long as there is a suitably-sized psy scene there. Idea is to make parties in houses, with no defined end to the party, bring good Djs locally and maybe from other countries as well. Goal is to create a really cozy setting so people can relax, bond, and have fun :3 with great decor and music. Some things to consider: +No very strict drug laws + Relatively established psy scene + "Flexible" police and neighbors + If there is some natural setting around could be good but its no
  3. Hello! (I cant post on travel section) So.. Im moving to Italy cause of family.. I plan to stay for a couple of years to learn italian, and take some art course, and find a job hopefully MY question is::: where in Italy is a good place to live? Things to consider could be - a youthful city/town - good nightlife (psy-trance, dubsptep - alternative culture - nice nature surrounding the town - good for studying art hm... good food i guess everywhere how about organic shops? what else... hmmm... friendly and sexy people =^.^= And people that talke like t
  4. Thanks guys. Teaching English is good, though its not very flexible... if you wanna travel more fluently. The ideal thing for me would be to either sell a product or offer a service as I go, something I can take with me. Of course, if I do stay in one place for a long time, then teaching English or working at bars/restaurants is always a good option... Same with fruit picking... I'd skip drug dealing and pig slaughtering for now ... Freelance yeah sounds good but i dont know graphic design and can't think of anything I could offer online.. but ima give it a though A
  5. Hi all, First of all I apologize I should post on Travel section but it won't let me. Anyone traveling the world full-time? (or has done it in the past?) Could you give me some tips particularly on sustenance/making a living? I wanna travel around visiting the different scenes, while making a living as I travel. I thought of couple of options but I don't know how reliable they are since I never tried them. All I hear is people either doing "Web-design/IT" which I can't do. Or knitting necklaces/wristbands which I also can't do and not sure it fits me. Any other ideas?
  6. Awesomes... what about weekly parties? Where in Australia you feel is the nicest scene? I kno I wont just move to a country for psy alone, but its one of the things Im considering.. though yes, it is quite important for me. Also.. id love to travel the globe and just experience all the scenes... I just cant figure out a realistic way to earn a living as I travel.. if you've got any ideas you can enlighten me Thanks x Annica
  7. Hey! thanks a ton, thats a lot of useful information! So I guess Goa is a no-no... have you heard of Malana at Kasol? Also.. nevermind squatting... what are your views on the different scenes in Europe? Any city/town worth mentioning above the rest? I'd just narrow my requirements to... friendly/mixed/colourful crowd, weekly parties, and good local djs/artists. Also considering Brazil but dont know much about the scene there, but I read is the biggest in Latin America. Anyway, thanks a lot Annica
  8. anyone else has suggestions? What about India? /South East Asia? :3
  9. K, awesome.. thanks for all the info! i appreciate it I'll definitely do some research and maybe visit Zurich soon, as I plan on going to Italy during new years anyway. P.L.U.R
  10. Hey! awesome!! I've actually been to Switzerland, Engadine is beautiful. When you say prog to high-tech/core, you still talking about Psy trance? (excuse my ignorance) Anyway sounds great. How about the level of health/food consciousness; things like health stores/whole foods (unprocessed), raw, vegetarian/vegan, etc? And do people squatt there? (occupy abandoned buildings for living or as cultural centers/ or for parties) In which towns/cities is the psy scene more active/open, etc? And finally, is it easy to get by speaking English? Thanks again
  11. True dat. My sister lived in Cali for some time, and loved it. However, difficult to get permission to live there (green card, etc). And yeah, psy scene in US is still gathering momentum, not many parties/resident artists yet unfortunately. Thanks tho, I'd like three doses of healium plz. Send to Happy Ram, Mountain number three, Da ridge.
  12. So, my name is Happy Ram, I lived in London for about 3.5 years, and met the psy scene there, and was great. Now I've been living in Argentina for some time and there's really no psy scene here which makes me an unhappy ram. Im looking to relocate, anywhere in the world really, so I'd like to find a good psy-scene for me, please help: (ps. I tried to post on Travel section but wouldn't let me) I wantz: + Awesome psy-trance music (full-on, uk-psy, tribal, progressive, celtic), with good local djs/artists and weekly parties + Very Friendly, mixed international crowd (mul
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