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"A dancer on the decks riding psychedelic story lines."


ZNA Gathering | Cronomi Records | Suntrip Records | ManMadeMan Official DJ



Dj Psara (Sara Constança) started mixing in 1987 to the sound of Synthpop at a known nightclub on the coast of Estoril. She then went to search within experimental electroacoustic music, jazz and ethnical roots. After having become increasingly interested in trance during 95, she found herself diving deep into the Psychedelic Trance scene in late 96 and went on DJing Goa Trance in outdoor parties throughout 97 and beyond.


In the end of 98 Sara expanded her interests into other projects and began developing her own percussion playing. After a few scattered DJing performances along the years due to a kind of cryogenic sleep, 2012 is the year that saw a comeback to the trance scene and Psara is now again fully charged for psychedelic music with Old School and New Goa Trance as her main interest. A dancer on the decks riding psychedelic storylines, Psara is tuned in creating the best possible vibe on the dance floor so that she can share the mystic flight to hyperspace.


Psara is a versatile energetic performer with an ability to tune those vibes in frequency. Sunrise is her preference but she plays at any hour with a deep respect for Goa Trance 'Samay Raga' (time theory). Resident at the ZNA Gathering Festival and label DJ at Zion 604 and Cronomi Records, Psara becomes ManMadeMan Official DJ in the end of 2013.



'We Are Them!'

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