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  1. Hellooo all psy-freaks all over the world!! Let me introduce about my label "NULLZONE" Since 2007, me and my team doing Suomisaundi (Finnish psy trance) parties, and releasing records in Japan. https://nullzone2007.bandcamp.com/ https://www.nullzone.info/ Here are bunch of very unique music from Finland. Hope that you'll give a try to listen and enjoy our stuffs! Thanks, Booooom DJ Semimaru, NULLZONE
  2. NULLZONE "Hippie Killer Productions Japan Tour in Shikoku" *date 2013/6/1(SAT) 22:00-6:00 *place CLUB AXIS(Marugame,Kagawa) *entrance 3,000yen(1Drink) door only 1,500yen(1Drink)student *live set PAVEL SVIMBA(Hippie Killer Pro./Trance Bum Rec./Finland) MULLET MOHAWK(Hippie Killer Pro./Trance Bum Rec./Finland) *djs JARO(Hippie Killer Pro./Russia) SEMIMARU KAMEBABA OSM BABAJI *visual effect UzTziyyon *batik art CHIHARU *deco NULLZONE soundcloud.com/n-u-l-l-z-o-n-e nullzone2012semimaru@gmail.com --------------------------------------------------------------
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