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  1. Cool! thanks! I found also ETHNOSTEP va, but most of the artists arу not inetersting for me
  2. Hey guys. Can anyone recommend me any real tribal psybreaks? Most of the psybreaks i found are definitely NOT psy. If for instance you listen to the Broken Robot records (they themselves as psybreaks) - they are in fact just a normal breaks breaks, neurofunk and all that robot slyle music. I'm looking for tribal, ethnic, shamanic psy groove. So hard to find real one... This direction i'm talking about: https://soundcloud.com/ra-djan/ra-maayan https://soundcloud.com/mettakin/vodun
  3. Anima Fuga: http://radjan.bandcamp.com/track/anima-fuga Ra Djan is a live-electronic duo from Tel Aviv, Kiev & Tashkent. Their style is an eclectic mixture of psychedelic breaks, ethnic beats, shamanic mysticism and electronic flashes. Band has no boundaries in music genres: art is created only when genre comes after the ideas and intuition, and not when it is mediated by fashion or mainstream.
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