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  1. Info: Artist: Spirit Medicine Title: Maha Sacrum EP Genre: psy-trance / post-industrial Label: Space Baby Rec. Mastering: Dimitro (Zymosis) www.zymosis.info Art Work: Spirit Medicine www.spiritmedicine.com.ua Release Date: 3/2013 Cat-Nr: sbcd digital 006 Happy present new digital release * MAHA SACRUM * from project SPIRIT MEDICINE. Our music is a bridge between psychedelic and post-modern cultures - meditative, calm and strong experimental mix of classic goa trance and post-industrial sounds, vocal, some folk and acoustic elements. It is not the only electronic music, but rather a stream of consciousness expressed in the language of sound, emotional states, and metaphysical ideas. All the things in the world, all dualities are always united in One - this is a great mystery. Music and art created and percieved by us – this is our way to contemplate the mystery of Unity in our inner place, in our Terra Interna. Tracklist: 1) Terra Interna (Lightwithin edit) 2) Christ As Kalki buy it here: http://www.beatspace.com/7507/Space+Baby+Records/SPIRIT+MEDICINE/Maha+Sacrum/detail.aspx Preview: http://www.spiritmedicine.com.ua/index.php?page=60