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    1. Brazil (Brush Mix) (8:25)

    2. Space Noodle (6:44)

    3. Silent Circuits (10:05)

    4. Byte Me (7:50)

    5. Stone Shaker (9:52)

    6. Beatstreet (8:27)

    7. What A Feeling? (6:38)

    8. Singularity Part II (4:39)

    9. Aisha (6:34)

    I have three letters for this release:


    <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>WTF????????





    As you can probably figure out by now, Im pretty disappointed. Ever since I first layed ears on this release, I'm asking myself what happened to FREq. Is this the same person who wrote "Short Life Again", "Return to the Masters", the "All Seasons" Remix, and last but not least the most excellent "Avatar" from the Labyrinth compilation?


    Unfortunately yes, even though most of this record sounds as if a 15 year old teenager from Tel Aviv sat in the studio reminding Mr. Gallagher constantly "This too slow, need more sounds, make faster and more kiilllaaaaarghhhhhhhh!!!!" In other words, while FREq's typical fat sounds and tight production clearly shine through, most of these tracks (1-5) are a sorry attempt to cater to the Full-On crowd, Full-Gressive probably would be a fitting word . IMHO, they lack the depth and punch that is usually typical of Freq, and the sounds and synths, while being really awesome on their own, dont really move me at all. Superficial is the word, I guess. And the basslines, usually FREq's strength, get downright obnoxious, especially on track 5.


    Track 6 is a whole other matter. Here FREq tries to jump on the Electro-house bandwagon, and it just doesnt work. This track is just really awkard and plain out wrong, D-Nox and Beckers would probably roll around in their graves if they were dead. But they are not, so there no need to try to copy them. Its just a track the world doesnt really need.


    Now we get to the part of the album that I like. Track 7 is very euphoric and Euro-Trancey, but contrary to the track before it just works. Awesome synths and sounds, fat punching bassline this for sure will get any sun-drenched dancefloor going. Track 8 is a housey pleasant groover, but its also very plain and pale. Definitely not bad. Track 9 is a chill-out track, and its very good. FREq really builds some beautiful dreamy soundscapes with some nice twisted sounds.


    OK, what I dont get is, how come a track like Avatar, IMHO the essence of Prog. PsyTrance, if an alien comes down and asks me "Show me progressive Psytrance"

    I would show this track, and I heard it played at a million parties, only gets released as a mixed version on the Labyrinth Compilation, while these tracks are released on the Album? WHY WHY WHY???? I already said it before and I will say it again, FREq is always best when hes slow and grooving, and quite frankly I dont know anyone who prefers his faster stuff. Oh well, enough bitching, Im gonna go listen to his old stuff and drown in my geriatric nostalgia.

    Now you know 1. I prefer his faster tracks a lot more then groovy deep progressive tunes.

    "FREq - Time Stretcher" Is it fast enough for freq?

    Oh well, anyways this track is my absolute favourite from his entire discography.

    One of the most original psytrance basslines i have ever heard.

  2. Nothing to do with full-on. This is more like Ibizan cheesy morning style. I guess that living in the vicinity of the GMS guys softened these guys completely. They are too fluffy even compared to IM.

    Of course it has a lot to do with fullon. It is fullon tbh :)

    It's an awesome album. If anyone was expecting another IFO or spaced out goatrance will be dissapointed. In fullon/modern terms this album deserves 9/10.

    Anyone who loved Etnica - Sharp from 2004 should be delighted with seven sisters. It's the same style...

    And imo a cover to "the age of love" is brilliant.

  3. I need your help to complete or fix the lyrics from some tracks. Here is what i found out...




    Insanity - State of being insane unsoundness of mind or without recognition of one’s illness

    Insanity – is rather social, illegal then medical term. ....od disorded resulting in inability to manage humans afears and performance social diseese


    "X-Dream – Insanity"

    complete it





    Need also complete lyrics of this one.


    "Galactika - Blue Velvet"



    Thx in advacne. Any help will be apreciated :-)

  4. Awesome album, thought its not perfect. It doesn't deserver a 10, but a very strong 9.5 yeahhhhh :)

    It's a follow up to sensient's previous album pressure optimal. This time even better. Sharp, cutting edge minimal beats, scary samples and the whole amotsphere builds kinda thriller' effect. Only sensient can achieve it :)

  5. Haven't heard a single negative word concerning this album  :ph34r: . Will for sure check out this one.


    UPD Oops! I heard it today :)


    Providing a link to the samples would be much appreciated!


    Now you hear, loud and clear :D

    Imo its pretty bad album. Or as pavel said, too weird for some (me) :ph34r:

  6. Damn, damn, damn it :(

    Even sun project themselve couldnt help...ehh. I mailed them and thats what they replied in feedback.



    maybe you mean the track" Energia Magica" which was on our

    "Macrophage"-album in 1998.

    you can hava a look on our homepage                www.sun-project.com

    there you go to "Discography" link

    and there you can klick on the tracks and listen.

    klick on "Energia Magica".

    I'm starting to to thing it wasn't their track. But what else, have no idea :(

  7. Well i have nothing to deal with. I heard the entire album twice, becouse i heard thousand of good reviews on that one. Even after 2 listens i couldn't like it. It's to weird for me. Or its becouse im anty-electro fan :)

    Anyways, this album might be psychedelic for some, but i prefer more dnace floor orientated psychedelic stuff. It might be trance or even years ago techno. Besides something is psychedelic, it must be also danceable for me in most cases. Thats the main reason why i dislike "the last resort" album.


    PS: please dont think i stick to so called psytrance only. Its not true! :P

  8. Euhm, sorry, but so what coz it's not psytrance ?


    I reviewed many non trance albums, people need to know about all the quality stuff no matter the genre.... :ph34r:


    I always thought we review psy and related albums on psynews.org

    Well, good to know all "quality" stuff is welcome to be reviewed...

    I'll keep that in mind.

  9. Posted Image

    1. Take Me Into Your Skin

    2. Vamp

    3. Evil Dub

    4. Always Something Better

    5. While The Cold Winter Waiting

    6. Nightwalker

    7. Like Two Strangers

    8. The Very Last Resort

    9. Snowflake

    10. Chameleon

    11. Into The Trees (Serenetti Part 3)

    12. Moan

    13. Miss You


    Every now and then an album is released that shifts my current musical preferences into completely different territories. It was in 94 with Prodigy's Music For The Jilted Generation. Astral Projection's Another World in 99' and subsequently Kox Box's Great Unknown and Hux Flux's Cryptic Crunch in 00'.

    For almost 5 years i almost completely abandoned everything that went without the "Psy/Goa Trance/Ambient" label and recently started doubting the possibility to be utterly impressed by anything that is electronic and new. Spending hours with old recordings by Pink Floyd and crying over what was once a huge premise and turned into recycle bin or a money printing machine. Depends on what part of the Electronic scene you looked.

    Trentemoller's music was introduced to me around a year ago by my Swedish friend Andres who sent me his Forest EP and told me that it's THE shit and i was forced to stop the Pink Floyd tune that i was playing. I was blown away from the first second by the intricacy, the caressing melodies and the little weird noises that give that special character to Trentemoller's sound. Since then i swallowed just about every Trentemoller bit i could aquire and my appreciation rose higher and higher almost to the point of a blind admiration.

    And now we finally have the album. To be perfectly honest i've been having it over a month now and as soon as it was available for pre-order on Amazon i ordered my copy. But it's not the point of the review...

    The album starts with one of the strongest tunes of the album, Take Me Into Your Skin, which sound to me a bit Ott'ish circa "in dub" album. Although a bit more uptempo. The angelic female voice that wraps up the tune is nothing but amazing and serves the tune right. Proper beginner of the album.

    The second tune, Vamp is one of the weakest links and it's basically a digital dubby groover that sound like something that Leftfield might do shall they still be together. Nothing fancy here, a bit of a filler before another killer.

    Evil Dub is exactly what the title says. The dubby bassline in fatter than Marlond Brando in his last days and those little scratchy Trentemoller trademark sounds are omnipresent here and give that warm, almost analog sound. One of my personal favorites here.

    Almost Something Better is up next and it was originally concieved as a vocal track and it is also the first Single from this album. The vocals were stripped down here but they appear on the vocal version in the bonus CD that will be mentioned later. Unlike what happens most of the time, the instrumental version is weaker than the vocal version and after repeated listens to the vocal one, this, instrumental sounds tad empty. Not to say bad, just a bit awkward. A brilliant tune nonetheless with vinyl scratches and strings arrangements that give a somewhat James Bondian atmosphere towards the end of the track.

    While The Cold Winter Waiting is another magical tune with some gentle sounds, acoustic percussion and sonic manipulations to spice things up. Sounds a bit like the music the Santa Claus would play in his Santa-mobile.

    Nightwalker shifts the gear up and presents us a bit more familiar Trentemoller dancefloor oriented rhythm and sounds. Deep, funky, groovy tune that makes your head move without asking it.

    Like Two Strangers sounds very similar to While The Cold Winter Waiting with it's winter strings sounds and laidback beats. The Santa comes back home and he's alone in Christmas. Once again.

    The Very Last Resort is another dubby monster that has a very Youth bass sound and interesting Ennio Moricone on mushrooms feeling from the middle towards the end. Fantastic sound work here. Another personal favorite.

    Snowflake starts with some more dubby basslines and developes into something rather weird and confusing musically. A bit of a filler in my humble opinion.

    Chameleon is a track that AFAIK was already released and it's a typical Trentemoller dancefloor killer with jazzy percussion and quirky fat house beats. Pure sonical bliss.

    Into The Trees (Serenetti Part 3) is another personal favorite that starts with absolutely awesome jazzy percussion and uber warm analog-like bassline and leads. The sound is lerger then life here and Trentemoller's sonic expertise here is fully evident.

    Moan is another originally vocal tune that was stripped here and appears fully on the bonus CD. Once again, the vocal version sounds better and basically the same otherwise. This is another emotional epic tune with strong cinematic soundscape. Another favorite.

    Miss You, the closing tune is the most minimal here and it's quite a sad ending for an absolutely mind blowing album.

    Favorites: All of them are great really but if i was forced to give away the best they would be: 1!!! 3!!! 4! 8!! 10!! 11!!! 12!

    Final words: Get it! It's the best album of 2006 and a perfect winter companion.


    I'll write a review for the second CD when i'll have the power.


    It's not psytrance, is it ? LOL

    Bad stuff. :ph34r:

    Would you guys mind if review on this forum some gabber album ? :P

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