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  1. I was looking more for a producers forum ..
  2. Anyone else a chill forum??
  3. Hi guys! I want to ask you of any forums about psy ambient, chill-out, down-tempo. You know...like this great one , but about the psychill scene and production. Thanks a lot!
  4. Something different on the psy scene: The new CPC album http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ncr/ncr1cd002.html
  5. We thank everyone for their support, without you all this release would not have been possible!
  6. Who said it's not a CDr? Yes my friends, the first release it's on a Cdr. And it lasts for up to 100 years or more.. The truth is that I have very old Cdrs and they r still ok and I have a very new compilation from a known label that I don't want to mention which started to play badly and with errors and it's on a CD. Very important is also the type of CD that the information is recorded, maybe more than the way it is recorded. But anyway, we never said it's on CD and in fact to be on CDr!
  7. Top dollar for limited release? What do u mean man? It was limited release, but as u probably saw, people "got crazy" and "blamed" the label for having a limited release, so now u can find it on psyshop. That's all I know.
  8. Actually it's the real cd that you probably bought, there was not any unofficial cd, so no need to buy another About being unreadable in a few years , that's not really true, I got CD-rs from 1990 and before and still in perfect shape, so don't worry so much. All the best!
  9. Because too many people, goa fans, really wanted the CD, because some of them even wanted to pay up to 60$ for it, we decided to bring it to them with the help of Psyshop.com and the other online shops. Enjoy !
  10. It's strange Aneobis, how do U know that?? It's so funny when people who have nothing to do with a certain label make assumptions about something like that. And ...by the way... U're wrong! There will not be printed anymore. Peace!
  11. The release date is 1st of May from what we know now. ORGANIC VISION Vol.1- http://moonquestrecords.blogspot.com The organic sounds that once started in Goa, brought to you in their new-school form, taking you to a journey into the realm of spirit and trance. "The Eternal Way cannot be told or thought, it can only be experienced!" This is our vision- THE ORGANIC VISION Dive into the trance and enjoy! May your lives be beautiful...!
  12. We can authorize at anytime any DJ to play our compilation ,so don't worry about that, it's all Good! (and by the way , that's written on any CD and it didn't stop anyone playing it) Peace!
  13. Thanks so very much Veracohr, u've been of great help... THANK YOU!!
  14. I got a MV8800 and I want to sequence through it Virus Ti and another three synths using midi. The thing is that I only got 1midi in and 1 midi out on the MV8800 (the same like any other sequencer or computer). How can I drive all my synths from the sequencer? Please help me guys! (I don't want to record the midi tracks in audio tracks)
  15. hey guys, how can Ben Crossland play 45 parts at the same time only on hardware(on virus alone) at the virus demo in NAMM ??????????????
  16. hey guys, how can Ben Crossland play 45 parts at the same time only on hardware(on virus alone) at the virus demo in NAMM ??????????????
  17. can anyone tell me to what can I use the 16 parts (of multi mode). Can I play the 16 p arts at the same time? And if so, HOW? I AM TALKING ONLY FROM VIRUS HARDWARE! thanks
  19. Boom i have a question.. when i want to open all the parts( all the 16 chanells) in my virus software .( btw. i use orion platinum as a platform) i only hear the first chanell...( part) can anybody tell me how to solve that problem..??, because i've just bought the virus TI thx P.L.U.R
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