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  1. reminiscing good times on this forum.
  2. mnnnn,,,Im a check this one, i love their ambient stuff.
  3. Hux flux (2003) Koxbox (2003) Ticon (2001) Noma (2001) S-range (2001)
  4. hahaha crazy bastards..i bet that girl is great in bed though.
  5. Air,the atomica project and portishead work for me.
  6. lurking for more good music

  7. i liked antichrist superstar and a few songs of mechanical animals.....nothing great
  8. thnx guys ill keep looking
  9. I would appreciate if u can suggest some similar music to J.Viewz - Muse breaks thnx
  10. so whats good this last 3 months ambient and prog psy trance plz...thnx
  11. ??? why emo?? she plays gothic rock.... And of course i would fuck her too...
  12. i never go alone but i get lost a lot lol and wander alone for hours high on drugs lol and really dont care i even end up with new friends drinking and stuff lol
  13. Guitarminator btw one great song with guitar is IM - dancing with kadafi
  14. Albums Ticon -Rewind Ticon-Aero Ticon-Zero six after or Son kite-Colours Vibrasphere-Archipelago jaia-fiction Compilations Trance Of Scandinavia Swedish Goa Trance & Progressive Revive lime light Progressive Movement probably but i would have to think more and im too lazy....
  15. well aside from the korg korzillator or whatever pretty much like every1 does.. nice nonetheless
  16. nice i feel the same about bluetech stuff its melancholic...ill check out the path
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