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  1. I hope you'll like it. At the moment I am just playing around with a lot of ideas for it. But eventually I think it will be quite mixed and variated in style with many influences from tribal, ethnic, chill, electro, industrial, lounge, dub etc. But I never know before the final result is there. The music always seem to go in directions I was not planning
  2. Thanks We have some new releases on www.beatport.com and we are at the moment negotating with a label in USA to release our new track "Electric". An there are other new tracks being produced the next few weeks and months. But check the website once a while. All info willbe posted there
  3. There wont be an update on the Elysium website and no more music with Elysium. I am concentrating on other directions in music now that I feel is more challenging and interesting to me personally. Watch out for my downbeat/chill project SOLO (State Of Living Organisms). There will be some apperances on various compilations and a CD sometime later this year on Chill Tribe. Anyway this is about Holm & Andersen's new website
  4. Finally we have our new website ready. Please fell free to leave a message in our new forum. The audio section will be updated later today (1/6) with new Holm & Andersen Mix. www.holm-andersen.com
  5. We are proud to announce that we now can be found on Beatport with two EP releases. Dreadest Dreads EP Dreads What You Gonna Do Sleepwalking On Your Mind Disco EP Disco (Original Mix) Disco (Instrumental Mix) www.beatport.com Disco (instrumental Mix) will also soon be released on: Tribal Disco (Genki Music Australia) We have finished a new track Electric and is at the moment negotiating with labels about it's release. Watch out for our remix of Absolut & Blade's "Crash" Holm & Andersen Tour Schedule 5/6 - Malmoe, Sweden, KB - Kulturbolaget - DJ 11/8 South America Tour, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina - DJ 21 & 22/9 - Natraj Temple, Munich, Germany - DJ 30/9 - Grooveadelic, Copenhagen - DJ www.holm-andersen.com
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