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  1. Thanks for the feed, i'll try to post new tracks soon About the mixing, for this one I didn't use EQ so much. Just tried to get the sounds in balance in the first place, then grouped the tracks in three bus (kickbass, drums, fx) and used hipass filter to get rid of too low frequencies. Really, nothing too complex See ya!
  2. Hi Freaks, Here's a new track I produced... http://s149046517.onlinehome.fr/esoteric%20report.mp3 Feedback's very welcome of course
  3. very sad news for the community the first prog cd's i bought were from spiral trax and still does it for me vibrasphere - echo noma - navigator .. as it's said below they always had quality release, so it's hard to name only a few
  4. thanx for your listen wizkaz i haven't heard this atmos track for years... but yes it's possible also i'm still working on the track, i'll tell u when it's done !!
  5. hello, spent two days on that one, so it's still fresh http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...2C787C12C65E803 any critism, advice, spites , welcome tchuzz
  6. thanx for ur listen, i know that i tend to lower mediums, partly because of my speakers, so yes the mix can sound flat someway, i'll try to correct this, and so it needs more variation, i think the same too, maybe i needed someone to spit to be sure
  7. hello, here's a little track i've done these last days.. Mental motion the mood of the track is rather dark, so you're warned i know it's far from being perfect, or even finished, but i'd like to get some feedback or advice to move forward. bye
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