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    hello psy heads ! well this is my first post in this forum. so anyway i'm a hard core lover of this music what, u so called "PSYCHEDELIC_TRANCE". i am 4rm northeast india . i travel almost all the time to party esp......rave parties . i 'm also a member in the website........ "isratrance.com ' i'm deep into this music 4rm 1998 and this is the ultimate........... i had been in goa last winters .now i plan to go to MANALI this july 2006 w i wanna know about the party scenerio in MANALI and nearby place .could any one give meh the party feeback . PLS DO UPDATE ME WITH IT ! "SHIVA POWER,......FULLPOWER,.........24 HOUR,...... NOBATHROOM ,NO SHOWER" PsycoPen
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