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  1. I've been good, thanks, kinda busy in one way or another but good. As for why I ain't been around, I've been travelling around quite a bit these last couple of years but I ran out of money so am back in rainy Britain. :(

  2. exotic, old chum, India are going down today.

  3. Sorry to hear that. Hope you'll land a new job soon. I'm all right, thank you. After two months' absence the sun came back in February before we know it it's late April, meaning we're only days away from the start of the midnight sun season. It's a little bit tiring to adjust to the seasons up here, but we're fine. :) Are you done with your exams now? Got your degree...

  4. Hey,

    Yeah, it's me. I hope that the world is treating you well? How's everything progressing for you?

  5. is a wandering sound wave

  6. This comment box is mine, all mine. Exotic and I made a deal and agrred I could use this space to sell my body for sex.

  7. thanks:) it took me two weeks to make!

  8. That isn't my personal picture :P But it looks fun alright :)

  9. this is the first comment box I've seen on psynews where charlie/reger/psytones haven't been fighting over ownership- how'd you manage that ?

  10. exotic, are you keeping an eye on the IPL?

  11. it be plastic. recyclable plastic.

  12. exotic said he'd give me $5.

  13. charlie said sawfly said dude

  14. Sawfly said dude.

  15. Our children? Oh my. :wub:

  16. Who are those children in your profile picture, exotic? They look like they're having fun.

  17. hehe. I was addicted to it myself for a while, but when I started playing for and losing money I realised I wasn't very good and gave it up.

  18. Broken free of your poker addiction yet, exotic?

  19. People don't comment much in your profile. How come?

  20. Smack my bitch up.

  21. Ooh, good luck against your sworn enemy, Pakistan. Have you put a small wager on?

  22. How's life been treating you, exotic, well I trust?

  23. Stop pushing my cat!

  24. yo, i heard you served cocktails? Where's my drink!?!?

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