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  1. I appreciate the comments, man...really. I could've finished it a long time ago but something wouldn't let me call it quits on it...still needed more. Anyways...thanks. Dunno, if you checked any of my other stuff, but you can find it by clicking my signature,and my later releases are already up to 'The Other''s snuff.... j.ME ------- Joe Kurve ~ Get bNt, f00l! ------- Joe KUrve @ MySpace ------- A lot of stuff can be found by searching for 'Joe Kurve' on any search engine.
  2. A track over 6 months in the making, it's been my pet project for a while. A lot of bends, a lot of craziness, and a lot of earcandy. It's got a bunch of changes and diversity, along with a 64 bar solo/build-up section that's pretty wild. Listen and fall in love with a track that is definitely one of "The Others." CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM WANTED! Thank you. Download MP3 (right click, save as) Hi-Fi Stream Lo-Fi Stream Joe Kurve ~ Get bNt, f00l!
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