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  1. Sorry, not to say that all conspiracy docs are silly. I haven't seen many of them to be honest! But the ones I have seen were really annoying and over-the-top. Personally, I just enjoy something more non-speculative and educational. Subjects like history and technology are usually what I feel more interested in.
  2. I enjoy watching any good documentary (not some silly conspiracy doc). I usually last about 30 minutes and I am gone. I especially enjoy watching Connections by James Burke, very interesting series.
  3. Really enjoyed 'Drone - Pulsar'!
  4. Just recently bought some of his albums because of this forum thread. Incredible! Don't know how I haven't checked his music out before. My favourite songs of his so far are "Stoney Street" and "Journeyman". Anyone have some other amazing tracks of his that i should hear?
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