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  1. Uptempo:

    1. Virtuart ‎– Virtuart & Friends (DAT Records)
    2. Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons (Suntrip Records)
    3: VA - Mind Rewind 3 (DAT Mafia Recordings)
    4. Chi-A.D. - Earth Crossing (Amakusa Records)
    5. Nervasystem - Brainradio (Phantasm Records)
    6. Sab Kuch Milegator - Kauas Aikain Taa (Ektoplazm)
    7. Oforia - Read more... (MDMA music)
    8. Artha - Dream Telepathy (Cronomi)
    9. Mindsphere - Mental Triplex: Presence (Suntrip Records)
    10. Bell Size Park ‎– Mysticum Tempore Aparatus (Goa Galaxy)

  2. Reading this strengthens my feeling that people haven't quite digested that we released a compilation in December with quite a line-up:

    Goa Trance Revolution 2 - Retrofuturism (Discogs) (forum thread)


    Guess we need way better promo. :D

    Actually, there are even more complilations missing, like:

    - Zion 604 - Acid Disco (was open for preorders in Dec 2015 but released only in Feb 2016)

    - Matsuri Digital - Matsuri Tribe


    I am sure, there will be some more... :)

  3. i just realised that suntrip curiously has not put out a single compilation this past year. what happened? have you reached the limit of possible releases for a year with all the other stuff you put out in 2016? can we expect the usual compilation (that easily makes it into the top 10) in 2017?


    the only compliations that come to my mind for this poll are svemirski hod and cascades of life. but i'm not sure what to do with the latter. it has a few really good uptempo and a few very good psybreaks/downtempo tracks... it fits into neither category :)

    You forgot Mind Rewind 3 (DAT Mafia) and Analog Trips (DAT) - All released in 2016.

  4. one of the best releases for along time

    Yeah +1! - One of the few newer Goatrance albums I could listen completely through in one go without getting bored or needing to skip some tracks.


    The Pure Intellect Remix is awesome :-)!!


    However, I need to agree with Antic the "Dominion" remix and Crossworld are indeed quite muddy; for the latter some great lead synth sequences at the last third of the track are almost "eaten up".

  5. :)

    Yes a few days ago I actually noticed 2 accounts, Ultimate experience and another one Kris Sylven. I went out to buy some popcorns but looks like the accounts have been deleted.


    This thread indeed deserves a lot of popcorn.




    Btw.: Waking up to chaos + Crossworld are also my favs here. Great stuff + as I am also a big industrial/EBM fan any darker goatrance heading to this direction is highly appreciated by me :)


    + Killing Joke rules!!


  6. Uptempo:

    1: Pleiadians - IFO Remixed (DAT Records)
    2: Nervasystem - Nervasystem4 (Voodoo Voltage)
    3: Lunar Dawn - Kolovrat (Neo Goa Records)
    4: Skizologic - Robotized (Zion604 Records)
    5: Denshi Danshi - Fluid Dynamics (Suntrip Records)
    6: Opale - Anaconda's Dance (DAT Records)
    7: Doof - Let's Turn On - Remixed & Remastered (DAT Records)
    8: V/A - Nu Goa From Japan Vol.2 (Matsuri Digital)
    9: V/A - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds (Global Sect Music)
    10: V/A - Aurora Sidera (Suntrip Records)

    Please note:
    -I only rated CD releases as I am still lagging behind with the digital-only ones :-(.
    -Regarding the UX release (Audissey) I suggest to date this to 2016 as it didn't get shipped earlier - otherwise it would be in the above list (Discogs shows release date of 01 July 2015)).

  7. I don't know the details, but why do we assume bad intentions (by suggesting he deserves to be burned)?!

    Well at least he still owes me 50 EUR (or 3 CDs) and despite reminding him several times (also Paypal sent him complaints) he keeps silent; not even a single word of excuse. - Unfortunately could not get back my money via Paypal as the whole thing got over the 6 months time limit (before that he once assured that he will send the UX CDs (…unfortunately he did not specify in which millenium...).


    There are quite some other customers who suffered from the same situation with Anjuna, especially since 2nd half of 2015. - I have been very patient with Tal but sorry this clearly points to the fact that he ripped off his customers (maybe he had debt issues, anyway I am not his wellfare agency).


    Anjuna won' see any penny from me, sorry the guy is absolutely not trustworthy... Honest advice: Watch your money and buy Anjuna albums via Suntrip or other online shops.

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  8. Really? And it doesn't concern you that Suntrip - an established legal entity, tax payer, etc. - might be actually selling illegally released music? Not saying this is the case, but at the very least you should investigate the real situation and act accordingly to your findings. For all we know 100% of the price that Anoebis paid to Anjuna for UX albums goes to his (Tal's) pocket and will go towards covering printing costs only and not to reward the intellectual property rights of UX.


    That's some hippie logic right there...


    Relax, it was a small batch of copies that is already sold out now. - The big bulk load still remains somewhere in Tal's "cave"...


  9. Well, you are lucky.

    Yes indeed - Tal also ripped off my money from the UX Album pre-orders:


    After heavily complaining and urging him to refund my money he stold me last November he still would deliver the album (...hmm, sure...). Since then radio silence from his side, well he should be now at least on the Paypal blacklist...


    Persona non grata; don't make business with him any more! - Sorry to be quite harsh, it is really that serious :-(

  10. @Mr.Anarchy - you should totally get it. And also the new album too.


    And if you are a collector and thinking of getting the 3CD promo CDr. DONT DO IT. It's shit and skips on every track and comes a plastic sleeve and is a waste of money.

    Yes, better get the regular Hado records remastered edition of LiT. - But be prepared mastering is still relatively crude :-)

  11. BINGO!!! I've kind of tired of the "new" school goa since some while back.... almost not order anything since the last 3-4 months.

    ...but hey FUCK man.... this is a purchase for me!!


    Ali <3

    Yes +1 -> These are really some top class productions; didn't listen to such a good new goatrance release for quite some time! - Seems like 2016 has started off very promising :-).

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