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  1. **~__Psychedelic Airport I__~** 24.11.2007 in Cologne NRW/Germany Liveacts Psychedelic Floor : ********************* **_____Planet B.E.N. / Planet B.E.N. Records Japan Ltd_____** [info´s click here] Since 1983 the DJ and Producer Planet B.E.N. is influencing the electronic music scene and is playing all over the world. His projects Planet B.E.N., Organic Noise and several others are highly respected throughout the world. The music business considers his productions to be extremely potent, of best quality, well produced and always inovative and reliable. His style is pumping, deep and absoutely full of trance. He has produced with many well known bands and artists, had chart hits and appeared various times on Radioshows, TV (Viva, MTV) and had uncounted coverages in the print media (Wax Magazine, Spex, Max etc.). His sets at the side of almost all famous Trance-Acts and producers in the electronic music scene underline his worlwide status and international reputation.About the releases until "trip to transylvania" all his productions are in collaboration with X-Dream. Also he has various releases on Tip Records, Twisted, Flying Rhino Records, Naja, Superstition, Nova-Tekk., in collaboration as projects like "Organic Noise" with Jan from X-Dream on Tip Records, "ProjektX" with Markus from X-Dream and a project with Spiralkinder, Synchro, Gus Till. His actual Release, is the Planet B.E.N. vs. Didrapest Album to be released on PLANET B.E.N. RECORDS playing this Album at this Festival **_____Overlap / Planet B.E.N. Records Russia_____** [info´s click here] !!!! PRESENTING THEYR BRANDNEW ALBUM !!!! Overlap (Russia) consists of two people: Michael Puchkov and Slava Bogachov. Michael's first started writing trance music in 1996. In 1998 he turned to making trance, and in 2000 he had his first release under the name Neogen on a German label Hadshot Haheizar Records. Slava Bogachov also started to make trance music in 1998, under the name Neoris together with his friend Kirill Poltavetz. In 2000 they had their first release on the famous UK label Phantasm Records. The guys met in 2001 during a contest for upcoming Russian trance artists, held in one of Moscow's clubs. They decided to try making some tracks together and as a result Overlap was born. In 2002 Overlap signed with a well known Greek label ZMA Records. ZMA have released their debut album 6th Sense, which has received very good feedback from trance lovers from all over the world. In last 2 years Overlap released tracks on famous labels like: Planet Ben, Nano, Turbo Trance, ZMA, Harmonia, YSE and many more. In 2006 they signed with Planet Ben Records. Overlap's second album is going to be released on the label in 2007. Liveacts Progressive Floor: *********************** **_____Symphonix / Blue Tunes_____** [info´s click here] Behind the production of symphonix are the brothers Sirko (28) & Stephan (25) Wötanowski from northern germany, better known as dj montagu & dj golkonda. They started in 1998 with djing & organizing events. They based Tshitraka and the first Tshitraka Party was in the beginning of 1999 in a small club. This Project grows up to the Tshitraka Project Open Air Festival, which is every year in northern germany. Their famous indoor party event is called Amarasya. After since years playing in several partys, like Indian Spirit, Atmospheres, Antaris, Voov, Two Moons, Arvika and etc. it was a question of the time that they start to produce their own music, to create their own ideas.The style of them is groovy progressive trance with psychedelic elements. **_____True Lies / Candyflip Records_____** [info´s click here] The first full length album by the German brothers Sirko & Stefan Wotanofski a.k.a True Lies is in progress.Their album cover a wide range of progressive- club music , without any identity. Dj´s Psychedelic Floor : ********************* **~ Planet B.E.N / Planet BE.N. Japan ~** **~ Mandhasa / NRW-Psytrance ~** **~ Ivo Angelo / Cologne ~** **~ Alexander Ligowski / Millenium Records ~** Dj´s Progressive Floor : ********************* **~ NeuroLogic / NRW-Psytrance ~** **~ Katayami / Pit Stop ~** **~ Montagu & Golkonda / Blue Tunes Rec. ~** Locationinfo´s under: goabase our webside Organizer: NRW-Psytrance Community Hotline: 0049-2208-921684 0049-176-76006993
  2. a new partyseries in Cologne-NRW/Germany by NRW-Psytrance Community **Psylovers** 06.10.2007 Liveset: _____*** SHIVA / SHIVA SPACE JAPAN ***_____ ______________ [info click here] Shiva Joerg is a Psytrance DJ from the very beginning. He played his first parties in Goa and Hampi, the old capital of India, in 1989. Joerg had his own spiritual experience through the unlimited power and possibilities of Trancemusic and found his purpose in this life and cosmos! Since then he and friends went regularly the long to India way overland . He brought soundsystems from Germany and took them on busses and trucks and travelled overland from Germany to India. On the way he made various parties, for example in the desert of Iran ,Nepal , and mindblowing parties in GOA/Hampi /India, which are still remaining in the memory and the heart of many freaks and Trance lovers . Jörg travelled arround the World and played in big festivals almost everywhere: outdoor parties all over Europe, Israel, Australia ,Brasil ,Mexico, Bolivia ,Tassmania,Argentina,chille ,USA ,kanada,and in many jungles all over the world. Own Projects: Parties for physically and mentally retarded in Japan, Israel and India. Full-moon party on Mount Fuji Japan. Solar Eclipse Party Titicaca Lake, Bolivia Febr.1998 After the early DJ days Shiva Joerg founded the legendary "SHIVA SPACE TECHNOLOGY" record label in Germany in 1997 with his old trance companion, "Andy Shiva" (LEMURIANS, Germany). Under the Shiva Space Technology label, an excellent musician "Erez Izen" (Infected Mushroom, Israel) joined the label under the name ..Shidapu.. and in collaboration with Joerg ,under the name ..Shiva Shidapu.. with his original style and energy .Also Shiva Space Technology released the first tracks of Yahel, Infected Mushroom , Cosma, and many more. With combined productions Shiva Joerg exceeded the traditional framework of Psy-trance, Deep Ambient, and Progressive and continues to transform electronic music and Goa trance today. Today Jörg lives in Okinava/ Japan from where he founded the sister label, "Shiva Space Japan" in 2002. His first solo album, "ORACLE-SHIVA (DJ SHIVA JOERG) announcing SSJ CD006", released in 2005 which offers full-on personal variations and overflows with originality continues to get high reviews.Since 5 years continuously bookings in Japan . This year gigs in , Bombay, San Francisco and New York and Mexico and many more to come. His music will for sure rock any rock dancefloor! Nobody will stand or sit anymore Guitars, hard stomping kicks and all kind of phat, phat sounds, mixed with mystic, likes heavey rolling tracks ,with a good story ! SHIVA solo Project: ShivaShidapu.ShivaSkazi,ShivaYama(bikaya),Shiva Kompset,Analog Mohicans,Joerg on Mushroom,Shiva/Psysex,Astral Projection feets Dj joerg, Shiva/Wrecked Machine,Shiva/Nada,Shiva/Yahel,Intergalactic Shiva,Shivanauten,ShivaLemurian,I.C.S,Shiva/ Illumination,Shiva /Keystone, Azax Shiva Syndrom,Shiva/ broken toy,Shiva /Beathackers,Shiva /killerbuds His purpose is to reach the masses through electronic music and to break down the communication barriers through dance and self enlightenment leading the way to global understanding and peaceful coexistence. A "new" new world order... defined by peace, love and light for our children and generations to come. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * _____*** VISUAL SPACE ACCESS / ACTIVENEO PSY RECORDS ***_________ _____________________ [info click here] Visual Space Access (ex Suntec) Holger Hentschel produced psytrance since 10 years now... He got many influences from Shiva Space Technology and the spirit from Shiva-Joerg After 2 years of extrem studio work he is proud to present the debut "Dreambeam" * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * _____*** PERA-S-KURA / TAKITASWORLD & KOELNBEBEN ***_____ _____________________ [info click here] Ein treibender schneller Psytrance-Act aus Köln, bestehend aus Mirikina und Morshiba welcher sein Puplikum mit seinen sounds bisher immer zum schwitzen brachte. **************************************************************************************************** Dj´s: Shiva Jörg / Shiva Space Japan Mandhasa / Schallfabrik Köln & Spliff Music Haggazussa / Schallfabrik Köln NeuroLogic / Savva Records Location: Glashütte Glashüttenstr. 20 51143 Köln-Porz NRW / Germany Info for arrive: goabase info click here Organizer: NRW-Psytrance Community our website e-mail: nrw-psy-trance@hotmail.de Hotline: 0049-2208-921684 0049-176-76006993
  3. Schallfabrik Köln 2oo3 present you a great Internatinal Psytrance Festival @ the old "Watercastle Geretzhoven". One of the finest & biggest location for psytrance-parties in NRW / Germany with 15 Liveacts and 26 Djs around the world. ***TOGETHER International Psytrance Festival*** http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/27429 http://spliff.19.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=221 Date is 26.-28.05.2007 (Camping from 25.-29.05.07) Line Up: Live: Planet B.E.N / Planet B.E.N Rec. Japan http://www.planet-ben.net/ Safi Connection / Spliff Music Israel http://www.spliff-music.com/ Elec 3 / Turbo Trance Rec. France http://www.turbotrance.com/ Brisker & Magitman / Very Progressive Rec. Israel http://www.veryprogressive.com/ BitPulse / Headroom Prod. Germany http://www.headroom-productions.net/ Klopfgeister / Iono Music Germany http://www.klopfgeister.com/ Digicult / Dacru Rec. Belgium http://www.dacru.be/ Marathi / Tamil Rec. Ger.& Phonokol Rec. Israel http://www.tamil-records.de/ http://www.phonokol.com/ Cyberion / Tamil Rec. Germany http://www.tamil-records.de/ Flugbegleiter / Flugbegleiter Rec. Germany http://www.flugbegleiter-recordings.de/ and many more Dj´s: Bim vs. Alexander Ligowski / Midijum Rec. & Millenium Rec. Germany http://www.midijum.de/ Dj Mishel / Spliff Music Israel http://www.spliff-music.com/ Mandhasa / Schallfabrik Köln 2oo3 /Spliff Music Israel http://www.schallfabrikkoeln2oo3.com http://www.spliff-music.com/ Stomas / Liquid and Solid Rec. Serbia http://www.liquidandsolid.net/ ShaMane / Headroom Productions Germany http://www.headroom-productions.net/ Nemesis / Dacru Rec. Belgium http://www.dacru.be/ Neuro Logic / Savva Rec. Germany http://www.savva-records.de/ Starsky / Sinn Tec. Rec. Germany http://www.sinn-tec-records.com/ Dj Driss / Hadra Festival France http://www.hadra.net/ El Fabio / Midijum rec. Germany http://www.midijum.de/ Beauty & the Beat / Plastic Park Germany http://www.plastikpark.com/ F.L.U.X. / Synergy Tribe Germany/Thailand http://www.synergy-tribe.net/ !!! and believe many many more are confirmed !!!! Dekoration by Yoga der Polydekomane and "the Brain / Tamil rec. Food by Cafe Nuklear Location: Watercastle Geretzhoven Nikolaus-Adams Street 50129 (zip) Bergheim - Niederaußem near Cologne / NRW GERMANY Hotline: 0049 2208 921 684 0049 163 8912 114 Info´s also under http://www.schallfabrikkoeln2oo3.com & http://www.goabase.de Hope to see you there cheers Mandhasa
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