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  1. Luv you Rez!

    Please take care of yourself & make sure those Dr.'s don't f*ck with your head! :(

    I'll pray for you!



  3. where have you been malaka ?? :P

  4. happy new year!!!!

  5. Pssst.. you're a suspect on the off topic spam sticky.. :o evade da police!

  6. amazing. I have necer posted in your comment box. Not only will I have the pleasure of sending you a greeting.. I will also have the devine pleasure of squeezing aomeone out. Nurbs nr. three. sorry. *squeeze*

  7. Kaiserstra├če, Kaiseeeerrrrrstra├če, nice puffa!!!

  8. Hey Rez, did you see my post in the "Recommend tracks for other members" thread?

  9. Leave the fries alone and pay goazzz for the girl voice samples :P

  10. Did i say anything about fries?? Nooooo, you sucker :P :P

  11. hello, i like to order 2 mac menu , 2 large cokes and a donkey.....

  12. hey m8!

    seen The Machinist?

    or where's your alias coming from?

  13. ja istericheski rzhal s glazami polnimi slez v nihilism topike pro mat otto i pro svoj topic kotorij sozdal na tu samuju temu, i dont know why but i laughed my ass off :D

  14. check this alarm clock dude ; ) --> http://blog.theavclub.tv/?p=1238

  15. not funny, mr viking.

  16. Why is that guy yawning? Bored of guns to the head?

  17. tell your mums, charles, that i will be visiting next week.

  18. Someone told me you've broken up with your uncle, reger. Is this true? What are you doing for sex now?

  19. ...and you too, reznik.

  20. Well, i just like to see your reaction each time i pwn you B)! Reger.

  21. Why are you in every profile I visit, regenald? Pervert.

  22. Yo German Chavez Commie Bastard ;)

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