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  1. 2 questions:

    1. why is your comment box so long?

    2. Why havent I been here before?

  2. Awww u melt my heartz. :P

  3. Checkin out whats new..

  4. Glad That My Presence alone, Gave you the will to drink the life-brew!

    Many Hyperactive Power Humps from Denmark ;)

  5. Hey ho!

    Greetings to you too...

    Love your avatar dude!!

    Me lieky, ja!


  6. Hey mate. Yeah, its me :) I am gkad you enjoy the music. Take care / Jannis Filteria

  7. Hey, Malevol3nt! Sorry for the late reply, man. You can find some those tracks on last.fm. They're almost 15 years old now and don't sound very good imo ;)

  8. How's life treating ya?

    Still drinking coffee?

  9. I have claimed this comment box. Also your tiger pic is cool.

  10. I hope I can get a video cam to make more dance videos =D It's fun making an ass of myself.

  11. It's been some time, but do you have an avatar? both you and otto, has no avatar and i was thinking wtf /emoticons/default_sad.png" alt=":(" data-emoticon="" srcset="/emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" />

    and why is your commentbox so long?

  12. Its teh word generator :P

  13. life is up and down... but more ups than down now:)

    how`s you?

  14. lol @ your comment to me... :lol:

  15. Lol you got one now :D Kewl - i love that personal picture of yourself; SHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiitttt!

  16. oh.. did you invent it? xD

  17. sprinkles & twinkles for youuu! (~ยจ.^)~

  18. Thanks for the kind words, man. I'm a huge fan of Schnauss so that meant a lot to me :)

  19. U Bastardzo! Now I will have to send you to the country and feed you gingerbread. Know how stressful that is, man?

  20. Well i have vacation allready, a few exams but nothing special..

    Finally had some time to get social (party that is) and meet some great people (none of them likes psy trance :( ) And i've met a very sick friend, which wasn't as pleasant as i thought it would be.

  21. Wohoo there's like a forum in my profile page. Leeeet. :P

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