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  1. LOL ya quite an achievement! Don't even think I got many more than 3 logins though. That's what you get if you move to a country with a shitty scene. Kids...
  2. Yup, Eat Static. Plus (OK, also wayyyy pre-2005) System 7, totally unique. Tripswitch.
  3. Cinos, one recommendation: go see them live! You like Alien Artifacts; listen to Decadance, Alien EP's and Prepare your spirit. They're all releases of (primarily) old stuff. Other then this: give everything a(n other) try. Some of their albums can really grow on you. My favorites are still Abduction and Implant, though I love Crash and Burn! and In the nude as well very very much. One of their more recent fave's are The First Revelation, Follow that Camel, Chronic Horde and Magic Carpet (especially live...). Some great remixes that they also play in their live sets: Manmademan - The Legend (Eat Static Motion detector remix), Planet Ben - September love (Eat Static-rmx) and Eat Static vs. Manmademan - Regen. If you want to hear some of their best (imo) chillout stuff give (again) Follow that Camel, UFO over Trenchtown and Abduction a listen. For breakbeatcrossovers: Science of the Gods and Merv's soloproject Dendron. Fat dubs: Freedom Ridge and Lugubrium Dub. Merv's collaborations Hi-Fi Companions and Flexitones are not be missed either. ENJOY!
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