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  1. E-tickets available here https://psy-market.c..._search=1&sort= Line Up Main Floor Live Act's AKÉS (Hellchedelic Records) - Portugal ANTAGON (2to6 Records - Damaru Records) - Germany ATARO (Damaru Records - Free Radical Records) - Iran ATOMENTAL (Shakra Records - Karmatic Records) - Switzerland AUDIODIDAKT (Alice D Pro - Wild Seven Recordz) - Israel BOMBAX (Free Radical Records) - Germany CALYPTRATUS (Bionic Instinct Records) - Germany COSMIC IRON (Sonic Tantra Records) - Israel DARK WHISPER (Alice D Pro - Shaman Films Media) - Italy DEMONIAC INSOMNIAC (Active Meditation Music) - Macedonia FAREBI JALEBI (Parvati Records) - Australia FRANTIC NOISE (Dark Prisma Records) - Argentina GIDRA (Acidance Records) - India JAHBO (Parvati Records) - Denmark KARMATIC SKULLS (Karmatic Records) - Switzerland - Austria KASATKA (Bionic Instinct Records) - Germany KASHYYYK (Kamino Records) - Mexico LOOSE CONNECTION (Catawampus Records) - Wales (UK) MAGMA OHM (Shaman Films Media - Tremors Underground) - Brazil MEGALOPSY (Dark Prisma Records) - Argentina PARANDROID (Manic Psycho Pro - Electric Moon Records) - Germany RAWAR (2to6 Records) - Portugal RED (Mighty Quinn Records) - Russia SETH (Bhooteshwara Records - Active Meditation Music) - Macedonia TECHNICAL HITCH (Insomnia Records) - Israel -Z- (alpha & antagon) (Sangoma Records) - Germany Dj Set's ABBYSS (Full Om) - Turkey ABSOLUT (2to6 Records) - Sweden ALPHA (Interzone Pa) - Germany ANKUR (Seres Music - Acidance Records) - Germany ANT (Mind Expansion Music) - Germany BLUB (Karmatic Records) - Austria CANNIBAL CROW (Psycrowdelica) - Germany COOPER (Cosmic Plasma) - Romania CORIOUS (Lycantrop Records - Urban Antidote Records) - Germany DEPTHCHARGE (Industraum Records) - Turkey DSOMPA (Peak Records) - Germany EKO (Mind Expansion Music) - Italy FILTRO (Dark Prisma Records) - Argentina GHOST EXPERIENCE (Ostschwiizer Schübel Fraktion) - Switzerland GIUSEPPE (Parvati Records) - Italy HYPERWATT (Noise Poison Records) - Switzerland - Austria IGNIS (Damaru Records) - Germany IKEN (2to6 Records) - Austria LILL’ LI (Dharmaharmony Records) - Denmark LLOYD POZITIVIST (Damaru Records) - Wales (UK) LYSERG (Lucid Dreams - Wild Seven Recordz) - Austria MILOWATT (Noise Poison Records) - Austria MADEMOISELLE CHAOZ (Pixan Recordings) - Germany MITRA (Damaru Records) - Germany NAIMA (Acidance Records) - Austria PHILOSO (Free Radical Records) - Austria SPACE FREAK (Freak Out Pro) - Turkey SAMSARA (Vantara Vichitra Records - Damaru Records) - Denmark TILAKA (Karmatic Records) - Switzerland UNTERWEGS (Industraum Records) - Turkey ZOOLOG (Parvati Records) - Denmark And more artiste on the alternative stage! more info and E-tickeats here! https://psy-market.c..._search=1&sort=
  2. To all you Psychedelic Creatures out there! Happy to invite you to visit Psy Market, a psychedelic market, connecting between alternative non-commercial products and people around the world. Our goal, is to give a worldwide platform to anyone who wishes to buy or sell anything that has to do with the psychedelic world... Clothing, Jewelries, Music, Crafts, Art, Festival & Party Tickets, and much more! Psy Market is super new website, you are welcome to check the new shops opening day by day or open your own shop. Keep it Psychedelic!!