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  1. V/A - The World Beyond
    Ambient, Downtempo, Goa, Neo goa, Psy/Goa



    1. Chapter I: The Vision (Passing The Monolith Into The Throat Of Time) ... 0.00
    2. Chapter II: The Journey (Across The Silver Sea Of Eternal Life) ... 17:10
    3. Chapter III: The Gate (Facing The Keeper Below The Human-Form Mountain) ... 33.08
    4. Chapter IV: The Sphere (Ascending Towards Star-Eaters To Become The One) 51.53

    This is a very interesting, exploratory album that grows from patiently slow ambient to MAGNIFICENTLY ENJOYABLE & EXCITING GOA-TRANCE. The album begins as atmospheric ambient before transitioning to psy/ambient-influenced down/mid-tempo with ethnic, tribal (Psy/Goa) influence before THEN evolving into some of the best Goa-Trance I have heard in over a decade. And you know what? You'd never hear it early on! Some of you may not even believe me until you hear The Gate (!!!) and The Sphere (!) which take up roughly half of the 75 minute album.

    1. Chapter I: The Vision (Passing The Monolith Into The Throat Of Time) is a 17 minute atmospheric ambient piece. Initially I skipped through this to the more accessible numbers before going back and listening to it in its entirety. The song requires patience. The atmosphere and echoed effects are intriguing and explorative, as if we're going deep underground in a cavern or a gateway to another dimension. These elements compliment the soundscapes that simmer across the ethereal backdrop (with no beat). Where is it taking us? Anyway, to back up for a moment.. the first 5-6 minutes (minus the opening minute) initially felt like forever. Naturally, more sounds arrived, albeit gradually to engage me a little more rather than how I was feeling before..."Oh this is different." Unique for sure. I would have preferred more ambient direction to make me feel more emotionally invested and hooked earlier on. I realize that this is part of a bigger vision. Fortunately, the song improves. It's mostly ambient, though roughly two-third of the way through, a gentle (downtempo-esque) beat enters which helps, along with some other elements that enhance. Shut your eyes. Focus on your breathing and try to let go listening to this... Speaking of the track's mechanics, where do the artists find such unique sounds? The ambient-esque sound FX in the sixth minute is interesting. The gentle drum work is pretty good too. At around 10:35, there is a (is that reverb or bass?) sound that interests me more. I haven't heard ambient work this lengthy since maybe Jikkenteki's (Ambient Side CD), The Long Walk Home (2006). In some ways I admire this opening track more than I enjoy it, but it is immersive and creative in its own way. The song is rich with textures and sounds, but remains fairly cold, ominous, and alien due to its lack of warmth, feeling, and tone. Some will find it interesting. Some will feel bored. I do not consider this a boring track though, at least not as a whole. Consider this is an epic (unlike anything you've ever heard) entrance to what lies ahead, and what lies ahead is worth it. B+

    2. Chapter II: The Journey (Across The Silver Sea Of Eternal Life) takes us deeper underground or through whatever portal or passage way we're moving through. This is another mysterious, eerie, fairly dark and mystical ambient-influenced song. It feels like a homogenous continuation to the larger story as the track list shows. The echoed drum/click sounds are gripping. The fact that the drum isn't a kick drum here is more unique until 23:41 where a kick drum enters and enjoyably so. This intriguing down to mid-tempo chapter has immersive buildup as it enters an interlude. The music returns with greater engagement and development. It's excellent. I love the tribal sounds, drums, echoed voice FX, the synth work, etc. I love the tribal, more trancey changes and song overall, the Goa melodies, atmosphere, ambient, etc. The track is so creative, catchy, and trancey. Beautiful, interesting, immersive! I'm impressed. A-

    3. Chapter III: The Gate (Facing The Keeper Below The Human-Form Mountain) is where things get really exciting. The dark ambient-influenced and mystic introduction is interesting, and creates strong atmosphere and foundation before the beat and synth work arrive via the second minute. The synth work in the second minute is VERY CATCHY! Nice work with the complimentary sounds too. There is a whirling effect, and a strong lead enters at 4:53. It's smooth, fluid, and gripping. I'm hooked. The rhythmic synth work throughout the fifth minute is great. But I was ready for its measure to change (the next part of the song to begin) at 5:49. It's here the song begins to DRAG and GROW REPETITIVE. In that sense, the song begins to feel like it's stuck in a loop, especially by the first quarter of the sixth minute. So it could have ended earlier, and that's my biggest complaint. The music loses the now over-stayed its welcome lead and enters more refreshing terrain via 6:45. The ethereal sounds in the seventh minute is great; same with our passing the eighth minute. I love the ethereal sounds and changes throughout the song! There is a brief interlude for us to catch our breath, and for the song to re-collect itself to evolve. The artists fully take advantage of this. The development via 9:18 is intriguing, eerie. This section grows increasingly more engaging before one of the CATCHIEST parts of the song takes place at 10:28. Without climax or expectation, I'm blown away. This design in synth work is SUPERB, EDGY, WICKEDLY ADDICTIVE. Here, the atmosphere changes. The rhythm picks up and by 11:41, the song introduces a refreshing section! Another strong segment is at 13:32. It's dark, effective, with a touch of power -- this part grows until it explodes into climax at 14:30 -- another SUPERB part. The sound variation/arrangement that arrives soon after is great. Message to Artists: Well done! Thank you so much for going above and beyond. This track surpassed my expectations. Few nitpicks with a dragging lead/climactic section for roughly a minute aside, The Gate is one of the best Goa songs of 2015, and one of the best Goa songs I have head. These guys know how to build a track. It's chock full of unexpected elements that are attention grabbing, evocative, and enhance the whole. The Gate is DARK, IMAGINATIVE, MYSTICAL, SUPERB. I'm blown away every time I hear it. It has been so long since I heard any song in Goa, since maybe Chi.-A.D.'s Anno Domini's album or Sandman's Witchcraft albums from the 90's that I recall describing a track being DARKLY MAGICAL. Outstanding work! A

    4. Chapter IV: The Sphere (Ascending Towards Star-Eaters To Become The One) breaks out early on. This is the second (arguably third) uptempo number and it's pretty epic at roughly 20 minutes long. Early on I miss the atmosphere and mystical elements from The Gate, but the rhythm via sound/melody synth work is high octane and driving. It changes up and keeps my attention. The Middle-Eastern melodies are nice, but I'm not in awe (melody/sound wise) in the first act. though it isn't until the second act forward that the song begins to reveal how strong its hand is. The music chills out via interlude for around two minutes (very nice!). Here is where things begin to get interesting. After what The Gate just did, I want the music to get more elaborate and infectious so much. The extended interlude is strong and beautifully developed. Then gradually, a computerized (sleek, futuristic) synth enters, and THIS changes everything. This is where the song becomes strikingly catchier (what I hoped for!). From this point forward, the song is multiple times catchier than what preceded it. The synth work is absorbing, musically intoxicating. YES! I didn't see it early on, just the uptempo energy but not how hooked I'd be via what later would emerge. I love being surprised in good ways, impressed. Oh wait, there are still 10 minutes left?! NO WAY??!!!! And it's still changing, engaging with great ideas, execution, sound/melody work, climax, etc. I think you guys can figure out the rest. Whoever these artist(s) are, they did it. They made another awesome track! Put on a good pair of ear buds or head phones and enjoy! A

    The World Beyond is an epic album that rewards patience and grows catchier as it progresses. Words do not give justice to this release. You have to experience it for yourself. As said above, the album starts slow with an atmospheric/exploratory dark ambient number, and builds into a Goatrance beast. Don't let the opening track fool you into thinking things don't pick up, because they most certainly do. The album is mysterious, mystical, innovative, psychedelic (kinda goes without saying), journey-esque, visionary, daring, and thrilling. Ektoplasm has released some of the best albums in 2015 to date including Lunar Dawn - Kolovrat and I imagine a few others. This one is darker, more edgy, and raw. It oozes with innovation, ingenuity, passion, and ambition. The opening track's bold, risk-taking albeit slow nature may divide listeners early on, but the ride is really worth it. Goatrance music is supposed to evolve. It isn't supposed to be linear or formulaic (by-the-numbers) as some new school songs have been over the years. Some artists have gotten lazy (going through the motions) while others have helped to restore Goa to greatness by seeing it as more alive, surreal, magical, and ever-expanding like our Universe. The World Beyond shatters contrived approaches and reinvigorates the genre with fire, heart, and spirit. I really enjoyed the transitional (between dark and dark/light it seems) second track. I feel like that song hasn't received as much appreciation as it deserves considering once things take off, they REALLY take off in the third and forth track so enjoy and appreciate the first two tracks as creative numbers that double as buildup. The second song does a great job bridging the energy from slower to more powerful. Naturally, the last two tracks are excellent, superb. I mean outstanding guys really. Kudos to everyone involved. The World beyond is daring, imaginative, and surreal. It puts the fantasy back into Goa-Trance. and is one of the best albums I have ever heard in my life, specially The Gate and The Sphere are diamonds among a crown of gems. Not even Filteria's Sky Input reached the masterful (intense AND elegant) level of Pleiadian's I.F.O. album, but tracks 3+4 here do it. They are so incredibly CATCHY. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. This is an amazing release. Please make a sequel that attempts to go above and beyond with the very best work here and you have one of the greatest albums in Goa/Electronic music. Some will already consider this one of the best albums in Goa considering so much of it is SUPERB.


    LOVE THIS !!!!!!!



    The cover art is surreal, dark and mystical, reflective of the music. Great work whoever designed it. Also, thank you artists and Ektoplazm for this awesome, visionary release. I am blown away.

    Steam the FULL ALBUM on YouTube or Ektoplazm at the link below.

    Going by the album via the cover art's symbolism, does it have something to do with the Hollow ("Inner") Earth theory aka Agartha via Shangri-La (Shambala), and the city of Telos where it is alleged that ancient civilizations have evolved consciously and reside in a culturally higher vibration (that many including myself refer to as 4th and/or 5th dimensional)?? James Redfield discusses this in his critically acclaimed book, "The Secret of Shambala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight" (!!!). Being that it's the third book of the Celestine Series. Part 1 is "The Celestine Prophecy" (!!!). Part 2 is "The Tenth Insight"(!!) They're all very insightful and aware (consciousness wise). I highly encourage everyone to read them. Just like aura's and psychic abilities that we CAN untap, self-healing and more, mystical, physical realms are REAL in my opinion. There are supposedly gateways scattered throughout the world that cannot be perceived unless one has increased his/her vibrational frequency and comes from a place pure heart and wholeness, without selfish intentions. Cultures and spiritualists have talked about our Earth's Shangri-La as a real, physical place that will become available to all as our civilization awakens to a higher vibration (the awakening) of love, presence, higher truth, higher consciousness. Many claim that there is a WORLD inside our Earth and we are simply living on the surface. Meditate on that. It took me about a year to process, research, meditate and reflect on before though affirmations and investing energy in -- I began seeing things that have now convinced me that the biggest secret (some call it) of the world is not that aliens have visited, but the reality that our planet is far more mysterious and amazing than we ever imagined.


    To me, the cover looks like a ship entering a multi-dimenional gateway. Like the album, it's dark and mysterious, ethereal and intriguing. Since 4th dimensional consciousness involves duality -- light and dark, unlike acquiring a light body via fifth dimensional consciousness, my inference is the mystical via 4th dimension. 4D realms are not some far away planets (alone) but accessible here and now through a state (shift) in consciousness. In other words, I believe a physical (higher vibrational) reality simultaneously exists where we reside and our 3D frequency (via awakening) is increasing towards us residing in this heaven on Earth (The New Earth). Furthemore, a recent Harvard study suggests that an Earth inside our Earth may exist. Link: http://themindunleashed.org/2014/06/new-study-suggests-may-part-ancient-earth-inside-earth.html

    Am I close Paul and Richpa to your intentions behind this album or nowhere near? lol. Naturally, I don't want to distract from the thread if this theory is not related to the album's cover, riddle, or vision of the CD. There are darker realms associated with extended consciousness (one can access them without any use of drugs), but I highly recommend focusing on the positive. Stay elevated and keep your vibration up. The Earth Changes have begun. Earth's vibration (schumann resonance) is increasing, and the awakening is accelerating! Anyway this topic will only add to the mythos of the artists work. The album is a real journey, and when I think of the beyond considering the album's title is "The World Beyond," I think of the inner Earth (theory) which I've read so much about, and now am convinced is real. This is a higher truth IMO. Some feel tingling sensations and clarity around vortexes. When increasing our vibration higher enough and through a place of love, openness, and whole intention, the vortex can appear as a subtle or luminous/fluorescent gateway and one can enter/visit (I'd imagine :)). Is that a ship entering a gateway on the cover?, I wonder.


    Available to Play or Download for Free @

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  2. The samples are really good. The first track... so uplifting and positive, primarily as it progresses, the build up, the final act. I love it.

    Oh I like the other tracks too! I love goa songs that aren't just ultra melodic but also have good direction, as these seem to have.


    Thanks for the full track samples Nova Fractal!


    Just before seeing that, I was wondering when the full tracks would be available to sample on bandcamp, youtube, etc., since they're usually out by now.


    Update: Only thing I don't care for is the cover, too exploitive and twisting in context of something consciously aware. Aside from that, great music! Having a good cover never hurt anyone though. This one seems a little too loud for attention and not in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

  3. Doof with unreleased classic Re-Mastered REMIXES... :wub:

    Sounds out of this world. My hats off to you guys, Draeke & Mark.


    This is wonderful news. I took one look at this forum thread and knew before seeing DAT that Dat Records was behind this. Your reputation's spreading. :)


    This recent resurgence in Old-School (Reborn) Goatrance, from this and Suntrip releasing Asia 2001's Remastered Psykadelia to 2014's Moon Ritual compilation (!) is awesome!


    Do you know if Nick ever make enough Goatrance originals for another Doof album similar to what Suntrip did with Dimension 5's TransAddendum and TransStellar albums in 2013 ? Just curious. I'm getting the impression that some of Doof's best work will be on this double album!

  4. This sounds great, a cult classic GOA album reborn via Re-Mastered


    [Edit : Correction] - Not re-mastered. They re-released the original I read!


    I could never find this one back in the day unless I wanted to shell our hundreds of dollars. Now I'm listening to it for the first time!

    I love the mystical (fantasy) melody/sound work, the ethnic, atmospheric, and unpredictable, imaginative elements. All songs are great IMO but several are really magical.

    Way to go Suntrip! :)

    I just heard the whole thing on Bandcamp as Joske posted above. (!)

    I'm putting this on my wish list. Love old school Goa Trance!

  5. Artists can re-imagine a track through their vision if they have one they're passionate enough about. I've praised many remixes of course, but I've never been a big fan of the idea. I love original work. Granted some remixes are great; some even arguably top the regional. But to create something from the ground up I find very special, something that inspires, if even what it inspires is remixes. It's the idea of having a unique vision not presented before.

    To each their own with this release. Not much here excites me, but not all is disappointaing. Trinodia's Remix of Alien Pets got my attention to some degree, followed by Jagoa's Remix of Boundless, and Filteria. I feel like Trinodia brought more to the table to compliment the original than some of the other artists, but that's my opinion. Having said that..


    The ONLY song I REALLY like here is Prana - Mugan (Astral Projection 2014 Remix). This wonderful remix previously released on Astral Projection - Goa Classics Remixed (2014) ... beautiful album BTW with numerous great remixes. Mugan has heart, substance, and emotion which the other songs to me lack. Some of the other tracks might sound good on the dance floor, but I should be able to enjoy Goa music off the dance floor too, as I've enjoyed every Suntrip release. Suntrip's a strong label and they can do better. Having said that, some of us like this release and some don't. So check out the full song samples on YouTube and decide for yourself.

    Speaking of 2015 releases, I am really impressed with Lunar Dawn - Kolovrat released by Ektoplazm. Now THAT showcases some amazing work. Also Suntrip just re-released Asia 2001 - Psykadelia that is :wub:

  6. This such a great, musical Goa album with numerous gems, Golden Arms Of Kresnik, Rebirth of Jarilo, etc. But the last two songs are outstanding! If a Goa song could do justice to classical opera bliss, the closing track here, Into Morana's Cold Kingdom [feat. Jasmina] is IT for me. Its Goa-influenced slow-tempo is enchantingly beautiful.

    And Blessings From Irij (2015 Mix) is a masterpiece.



    While I don't love every track (none are bad), this album showcases some of the best new school Goatrance I have ever heard to date.

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  7. Lunar Dawn - Kolovrat
    Goa Trance, Tribal, Morning, Fantasy, Medieval (?) :)

    Neogoa (Record Label)

    1 Perun's Stones [feat. Svarica]
    2 Golden Arms Of Kresnik
    3 Svantevit [Part I - White Horse And Prophecy]
    4 Svarog's Celestial Fire
    5 Metamorphosis Of Veles
    6 Svantevit [Part II - Temple Of Arkona]
    7 Zorya (146 BPM)
    8 Rebirth Of Jarilo
    9. Blessings From Irij [2015 Mix]
    10. Into Morana's Cold Kingdom [feat. Jasmina]

    This is such a great, musical album that shares tribally, worldly, fantasy, medieval, morning, and even EDGY, magically INTENSE elements. There are parts and songs on this album that capture that euphoric (spiritually uplifting) magic in Goa music that I last remember falling in love with on Khetzal's Corolle album all the way back in 2005. Goa fans, you must hear this album. I highly recommend it. It's available to download for FREE on Ektoplazm which is amazing by the way.


    1. Perun's Stones (ft. Svarica) opens with mysterious enchantment, drenched in atmosphere. The synth work blends well with the more harmonious, tribal elements. But it's the section from around 4:50 forward that really ignites this vehicle with infectious design. The last third of this song is beautiful, as it ascends higher and higher. A-


    2. Golden Arms Of Kresnik decectibly builds, melodies, atmospheres, tribal influence, and to some extent ethereal elements, all with the first act. The harmonies gradually come together, forming a delightful section midway through; the song's gorgeous by the fifth minute. I don't remember falling in love with Goa music this much in the positive (uplifting) sense since Khetzal's Corolle album back in 2005! The last third of this track is great too! As we pass the string-esque section, the more energy is injected into this number, coupled in atmosphere, and more. Maybe the track could have trimmed a minute towards the end, but overall it's filled with so much pleasure, that's it's hard to nitpick it. This is a magical number that makes me think of a Corolle sequel (super song) could sound like if Khetzal made one. Fantastic track. A


    3. Svantevit (Part 1 - White Horse And Prophecy) is another track with a stand out, medieval / fantasy opening. This characteristic start is compelling. Thankfully, the evocative element (ambient) here substantiates the feel, producing another rich and satisfying story-telling chapter with vibrancy and emotional resonance. The more musically intricate tunes in the fifth minute stands out, but it is at 8:09 that lifts this song to the stars. This climax/finale is heavenly, divine, ethereal, and ascending in sound. Of course I give this part an A. This is a great track that reveals is most marvelous appeal at just the right spot. A-


    4. Svarog's Celestial Fire has an intriguing, arguably ominous (atmospheric) opening. The bird chirping-esque sound via 1:09 works well as an accent here. The artists even change up the accent and create more of a melody with it. Furthermore, the music is crisp, meticulously orchestrated, and catchy. The ambient/atmosphere produce warmth and feeling. the lift off at 3:00 is great. There is a pleasant harmony in the third and forth minute that compliments too. When it leaves, the energy of this Eastren-influenced number increases. That said, the melody/sound work grabbed me more in the previous tracks. Nonetheless, this song lifts back off at 5:20, very nice! There are some very cool sound FX- echoed in the sixth minute! And with all that said, the song never quite satisfies me as much as the previous songs, sound/melody-wise, arrangement, etc. Regardless, this is a sold number with some great work. B+


    5. Metamorphosis Of Veles begins with an evocative, captivating introduction. It's fantastic. But the giddily uptempo music that enters at 1:06 takes away from the strong setup and mood. We got off to such a great start. What happened? Numerous faster melodies appear, but they don't grab my attention, save for the ambient notes. Although there's numerous moments of development, the first two acts feel pretty repetitive. The subtle layering at 3:16 and the section from 4:40 to 5:32 is decent. Same with the part around 6:40. I really like the interlude and what follows it via 8:09, It's here I feel relieved, more receptive to the song again. The psychedelic wobbly sound that enters at 8:30 is great too. This last act is more musical and emotionally engaging. it sounds freer. The first two acts could have been less lengthy and more enjoyable. That's my complaint. This could have been a super song if it built on the evocative opening. You gotta ride your winning horses in that regard. B


    6. Svantevit (Part II - Temple Of Arkona builds the entire song on its evocative, enchanting opening. Thank you. I love the enchanting, more fantasy-esque elements and tracks. I wasn't let down for a second after the introduction here. These artists CAN produce wonderful tracks that stir the heart and arrest the mind. They've raised the bar with this album already and it's only halfway through. This song follows one direction, like a strong chapter in a story, and that chapter works wonders here thanks to strong development, sound structure, and story-telling arc. The heart-felt backdrop resonates like an epic love story of kindred spirits reborn, or something deeply spiritual about ancient history. I could easily see someone giving this song a perfect score. Just because I'm not blown away doesn't mean I'm not impressed. I love this track. It's wonderful. A- / A


    7. Zorya is less lush and more zippy and energetic which I makes sense; by sandwiching the deeper (or less climactic) songs between the more fun and exciting ones. I'd do the same thing. Fortunately, this song has stronger synth work and ingredients; it's more dynamic and interesting to me than say, Metamorphosis Of Veles. Still this ADD-style works less for me. There is a mystical element (in the 4th minute) that adds feeling and intrigue. The musical change up at 4:44 is good, along with the enhanced following work. While none of the leads or sections put me in awe, it's a good track with some great work. It simply tires me as it progresses, and mystifies me less like the previous track. Fortunately, the artists end the song with feeling and substance, incorporating satisfying closure. B+ / A-


    8. Rebirth of Jarilo is a bit darker. This is quite unique from the others. It gets by on its rich story-arc rather than high energy or climax. The musical development from 2:50 into the middle act is excellent! The artist' selection and combining of various sounds is impressive. The section from roughly 4:24 to around 6:00 or 7:00 captured me less. I feel like the song is just going through the motions there with few exceptions, i.e., the part from 5:20 to 5:33. It gets too repetitive there. The song could have been improved or shortened in that regard. The first half of this song is great. The darker tone and bass line stands out throughout. Unfortunately, a not-very-ambitious second half derails its greatness into a less than stellar vehicle. B+


    9. Blessings From Irij (2015 Mix) is a masterpiece. If the amazing energy from one of Tandu's super songs from their Multimoods album had a spiritual ascension, this would be it for me. The synth work, direction, etc., this is one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard. It's a high octane stunner, outstanding! A


    10. Into Morana's Cold Kingdom ... If a Goa song could do justice to classical opera bliss, the closing track here is IT for me. It's Goa-influenced slow-tempo approach is elegant, romantic, and enchantingly beautiful. Beautiful work. A




    What an excellent album. The songs tell a story. The whole album tells a story, and includes some of the best chapters I have heard in this more uplifting (divine?) sound and nature (concept) since Khetzal's Corolle (2005) album. But these artists have their own sound unlike anything I've ever heard and at times I'm in awe of how successfully high they go! Some songs are like beautiful spirits, not contained, their energy and what's possible limitless. Some of tracks have superb sections and/or elements (1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8) while others are really phenomenal in the classic sense (2, 6, 9, 10). All songs are substantially developed and solid, but the most evocative ones (about two-third of the album) are mystifying, enchanting -- the fantasy sound is awesome! OMG the fantasy sound, story-arc feel of numerous tracks on this album are a delight, beautifully orchestrated and designed! Thank you so much for this imaginative work of art. Strong fantasy elements seem uncommon in Goa music when looking back at the scores of new school releases of the years. I feel like many tried, but few reached higher such as this album at times where i feel my vibration raising. I feel the excitement I felt when I was 8 years old and my excitement for the world and life's possibilities overwhelmed me in a positive, inspirational way. Thank you!


    To share constructive feedback, certain tracks do not have as much of a evocative and/or infections arc (direction and structure) as some others, and this makes me feel reluctant to say the whole album (every track) is outstanding. Also, a few songs, such as Svarog's Celestial Fire and moreso -- Metamorphosis Of Veles grow fairly repetitive (same-ish sounding) for the first 8 minutes (the latter), though there's a lot going on that's pleasant and I'm sure some will appreciate these songs more than I currently do. For me, these artists do amazing things with the provocative, the ascension (heavenly euphoric), medieval, fantasy story arc stuff when they go all out, or do something more rebellious and high octane like track 9. In other words, stick with the super songs. These guys clearly know what's magical, and some of the tracks are really magical whereas a few, while solid, don't seem to their full potential as captivating gems, emotionally or otherwise.


    Overall, this is a beautiful Goatrance album whoever (or however many of) you are who made this. And when I say beautiful, I sincerely mean that. You guys made something that touches the heart and I hope many people listen to the whole to not miss all of the great reviews and words this album has gotten and will continue to get. Thank you very much for this passionate release that raises the bar in Goa music. You can tell that a lot of commitment, time, and energy went into this. It's mystical, visionary, and showcases some of the best Goatrance work (both old and new) that I have ever heard. I have been listening to Goa music since I was 17. I am 34 years old now and some of the tracks blow me away. I feel them deeply in my heart. Some of the work here is really awakening. I'm impressed.


    Favorite Tracks: 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10




    Stream the FULL ALBUM:


    Download the FULL ALBUM here. :)


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  8. Holistic (2015) follows the general direction of 2013's critically acclaimed album, Transmutation of the Mind which was one of the best albums from 2013 and still is today. Check out THAT review thread here: Ovnimoon - Trancemutation of the Mind


    Holistic in that regard, feels like a sequel or at least a follow up to Trancemutation of the Mind.


    Pos and Cons: I like the melodies and atmosphere, the high energy peeks (buildups, climaxes), emotional and ethereal soundscapes, and harmonies. I like that the samples he selected (both here and before) mean something. They emphasis consciousness and the bigger picture as we become more aware -- the positive. I love that, even if the album plays it safe. It's fairly risk-free and appears to have been made (in part) to appeal to a wider audience, WIDER than Trancemutation -- so wide in fact that some people will find this great while others may feel mixed, disappointed. How so? For starters, I would have loved more Goa-influence. Transmutation (2013) had more Goa influence, even though it was Full On Psytrance oriented. It more immersive in some ways, more stimulating on my brain relative to the evolutions in the music, the tempo alterations, interludes, etc. In addition, I'd love for this artist to challenge himself more on the next release since this is more formulaic; it is still worth checking out and absorbed my attention many times throughout.


    That said, I feel that when some of us think or hear words like formulaic, we instantly get turned off. Or associate to releases solely made for $$$ (where the artist has sold out), such as what seems to have happened to Talamasca on here, among others. That's not the case with Holistic because it has a heart and soul. It's a good album made with whole intentions, even if it's less unpredictable (Goa-esque) than Trancemutation. If I was expecting something more Goa oriented, like 2014's collaborative [underrated] album by Ovnimoon & Rigel called Omnipresent Technology, I'd be more disappointed, maybe. But Omnipresent Technology is Full On too, albeit less progressive and more psychedelic, the most Goa-oriented album I've heard from Ovnimoon to date along with elements integrated into Trancemutation (2013). Holistic is more or less the opposite. It's more Progressive Full On Trance / Psytrance -- and less, though it is at times -- psychedelic. Holistic is a continuous mix too, similar to Trancemutation I think. It's less exploratory in that regard. But fun to have playing while doing exercises, anything with movement really.


    There's a lot of healthy (great) work here! I love the ethereal layering, the voice samples that echo awareness (consciousness) and the beautiful sound work in The Spirit and Emotinoal Blodecodification, etc. I'm impressed with the intense, psychedelic (more Goa-esque) work on The Power. I feel like I needed that. I love the artist's psychedelic (more nighttime sounding) Goa work. Trance Dance closes the album off nicely... Maybe on the next album, we'll get a more psychedelic, GOA-emphasized Full On release that raises the bar (similar to what Trancemutation did at times), rather than keeps the slick vehicle healthy enough to stay a float. Vibratory wise, I think the album has a more positive feel, so that's a plus. I simply would have loved more Goa elements, though this has its touches. As it stands for now, I'm still a fan and looking forward to whatever this artist creates next.


    Stream the FULL ALBUM here:



    For those looking for a strong Goatrance release, V/A - Moon Ritual all the way. Check out my review on Psynews here: "V/A - Moon Ritual"

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  9. V/A - Moon RItual

    Amakusa Records

    Goa Trance (Compilation) 2014





    1. RA - Azure Child
    2. Chi-A.D. - Transition
    3. Dimension 5 - Transformation (Taiwan Remix)
    4. Hunab Ku - Sun In My Hands
    5. RA - Spiritual Odyssey
    6. Dimension 5 - Fundamental Hippie
    7. Chi-A.D. - Exit Eternity
    8. Electron Wave - Temporal Distortion
    9. Hunab Ku - Children of the Stones


    Being that I'm a fan of RA, Chi-A.D., and Dimension 5 -- and being that Moon Ritual made many people's Top 10 lists of 2014 (#2 highest voted uptempo compilation on Psynews' via Best of 2014 thread (results), I had to check it out. According to the opening reviewer, these songs were unreleased, or only available on vinyl before, all except for Exit Eternity. So it's no wonder I hadn't heard these before. At this point I'm scratching my head as to how this compilation received so few reviews.


    1. RA - Azure Child begins with an ethereal (ambient) opening. RA's first smooth melody kick in at 1:07. It's like ear candy, engaging. Echoed female voices reverberate through the atmosphere, producing an enchanting feel. There is an effectively catchy, vibrating layer that enters early on and enhances the whole. A brief transition enters at 3:48 and Act 2 begins. The music returns with more psychedelic ingenuity, development, and strength. The melodies grow catchier too. A second, more developed transition arrives at around 5:15. This one has more substance, harmony, and depth. Like a stream of euphoria, it seamlessly flows into the river of returning sound at 6:22. The ambient goes a long way here, lifting the song to new highs. The song somehow unifies the psychedelic and edgy, with the elegant and ethereal. Its mature approach and non-linear (unpredictable) direction provides fresh perspective on repeat listens, adding to the replay value. I read that previously, this was only available on vinyl, which seems unfair considering how good it is. Azure Child is an excellent Goatrance track. A-


    2. Chi-A.D. - Transition follows the strong, old-school feel with unique samples, vibratory (bass) effects, and atmosphere. The introduction is two minutes of intriguing. The edited voice sample used for effect or as an accent early on compliments. One of the great aspects of Chi-A.D. is the artist's ability to develop his songs while keeping the spirit -- the song's energy grounded and in tact; his songs have a homogeneous feel, even as they evolve and take off. This song isn't high energy, for the most part. It remains more contemplative, intellectual, and enjoyable for home-listening, gripping in that regard. Maybe at the forth minute, there is a tad more voice sample (dialogue) necessary. Fortunately, it soon disappears for an enchanting melody lead enters at 4:53 that's superb. The last act really stands out from the less exciting, albeit intriguing first two acts. The song accumulates more energy and excitement in the final third where the song needed it most, producing a more vibrant and enthusiastic finale. I feel that the song could have utilized less voice samples overall, specifically in the middle and towards the end. Early on they sounded unique; I simply found them just a little distracting in the middle relative to the engaging music that's great throughout. That's more a nitpick though, as I find Transition catchier than Azure Child. This is another strong track. A-


    3. Dimension 5 - Transformation (Taiwan Remix) is more energetic from the first minute. Whereas the previous song was deeper, more meditative and spiritual in nature, this is just as, if not even more tasty, and unquestionably more exciting. Psychedelic kind of goes without saying. The song is animated, determined, and comes equipped with juicy melodies in only the way D5 knows how. Additionally, the track evolves with less downtime between acts. It grows with a healthy dose of imagination, and artist' time spent on fluidly developing its seemingly endless evolution. As a listener, I feel like I'm soaking up the melodies -- their sound is delicious. I'm really excited here! The song is like one prolonged, infectiously developing ride through the cosmos, picking up tasty health packs as we go. There's also a really cool VAROOM effect at some point that's terrific; it adds to the eventful feel and fun of the track. This is one of D5's best songs, and one of the best Goatrance tracks. The song is imaginative, delectable, colorful(?), and arresting. There's never a dull moment. Superb! A


    4. Hunab Ku - Sun In My Hands is high energy. If you thought the previous song was high energy, this may change your perspective. The compilation so far appears to be getting more energetic, without any dips so far. Initially with this song, after the catchy intro, I wasn't sure where it was going for the first two minutes, which are fast-paced, but less melody oriented. My concerns melted away soon after, as the song increased its Goa vibe within minutes, growing catchier as it progressed. The warm atmosphere brings balance to the high-octane ride; the latter at times seems like its picking up booster packets via emphasized effects. It's great. Also worth noting is the song's moving soundscape-field of supporting layers that sound like their mingling with the synth leads. As the scenery changes up, so do they, a morphing renascence of intangible energy and rhythm. Things could have gotten messy (too layered at one point, but the artist(s) evade any unnecessary blocks and harness the vision that supports the whole. The song feels like climactic surge. Many songs sacrifice an essential element of feeling to compensate for their high-octane feel, but this doesn't. It appears to make adjustments along the way that never distract from the whole; the adjustments themselves are simply more track development. This is another super song. A


    5. RA - Spiritual Odyssey begins less harmonious and more psychedelic than Azure Child. The intro's unique; its psychedelic opening lines up with the incoming beat, creating a supporting layer all its own! This experimental move is creative and works! I wish that artists took more risks with new school Goa in making the songs as infectious as possible, but sticking to this one here. The artist's approach shows someone unafraid to experiment with the more intense to the elegant and beautiful. The result satisfying gem filled with color, ambitious complexity, excitement, and light. Variously pitched frequencies marinate with some of the most capturing synth melodies, and atmosphere, sound. It's as if the artist absorbed concepts from Pleiadian's I.F.O. (those tasty, higher pitched sounds) and re-imagined them through the vision of RA. The result is an exciting, immersive experience, and one of the best songs I've heard, along with several of the others on this compilation. But I think this one may take the crown for me so far. Many of us are familiar with RA's super song, ROM from the album, To Sirius (2001). I personally felt that none of his uptempo work ever came close to the level of ROM, even though his "9th" album in 2008 was great, along with numerous singles he's made over the years on compilations. As I go through the songs in my head, I think this is the best uptempo track I've heard by RA since ROM. At the least it's up there, an outstanding work of art. Bravo! A


    6. Dimension 5 - Fundamental Hippie starts off very oriental-influenced. The distinct sound is soon joined with a heartfelt piece of ambient synonymous to D5's emotive notes. It's very positive and pleasant sounding, and is joined by ethereal-sounding, echoed, female hymns. The first act didn't grab me initially, but the song really breaks out and takes off. There's a catchy voice sample (from The Beatles I think!) in the third minute. Here the song develops with greater strength and imagination. The second act is very creative. The song crosses the fifth minute and grows even more magnetic as it approaches and crosses the sixth minute! A good chunk of this song is perfect to me. Even the last act stands out, adding to the eventful feel throughout. This song's Goa melodies bounce around and shine. We hear everything in its fruition in the last several minutes; the song is very close to perfection. I think I liked D5's first song on Moon Ritual if I had to pick one so far. But I love how each one is so radically different and imaginative in comparison to the other. Each song offers so much that's plentiful and satisfying! I think this is a really great track! A-


    7. Chi-A.D. - Exit Eternity is the only track I heard before from this compilation. This track had been released on several old, now dated (out-of-print) 90's compilations and it stands the test of time. I'll never forget the first time I heard this song, its powerful opening and epic chorus. I'll never forget the beautiful melodies along with the euphorically infectious finale. I have always loved and felt a deep connection with this song. Regardless of what it means to you, Exit Eternity is considered one of the greatest songs in Goatrance. Why? It's beautifully built, arranged, mixed, and designed. It has melody leads that have stayed in many people's heads; they're easily accessible, unforgettable. The song's mystical element adds to its unique approach. The song is epic too, showcasing strong buildup and climax pay offs that support its status in the genre. This is an example a classic Goatrance song, along with AP's Kabalah, Hallucinogen's LSD, RA's ROM, numerous songs on Pleiadian's I.F.O. album, etc. The artist behind Chi-A.D. has made many wonderful tracks, and this is one of my all time favorites by him. A


    8. Electron Wave - Temporal Distortion is cosmic and catchy. Hearing this on good headphones (ear buds) makes a world of difference. The opening reminds me of RA (maybe too much), but wow is it ever catchy. The synth work in the first third (3:25) is dynamic and captivating. Synths jump out like mini-ignitions around the soundscapes and harmonious backdrop. From around 3:45 forward, the song twists and turns. I can see many people liking this snake-y (psychedelic) segment. For me, I found 3:45 through the 4th minute less magnetic than the first act's Hallucinogen-esque synth work. But that's me. My girlfriend digs this bit so tastes differ. From 4:49, the song grabbed my senses again, with its leading synths. I love synth work like that. I love how the song pick up more energy and improves crossing the fifth minute. The quick clicking effect (more or less throughout) really compliments. I think the last act, towards the end could have done more. I was most impressed by the opening act, though the last third pleasantly surprised me. Overall this is a solid number that showcases some excellent work. B+


    9. Hunab Ku - Children of the Stones begins with enthusiastic voice samples, as if reflecting celebrations at sunrise party, or chanting around a fire. I feel like I've heard the second, more extended sample before, but I cannot pin point the film. The track has a really nice and fairly high energy sunrise/morning feel that I like. Its melody heavy sound is warm, euphoric, and uplifting. It moves to greater highs across the third minute to where an interlude emerges. The music's return is beautiful. I love this song's sound and I feel so absorbed when listening to it. I don't mind the returning voice samples since I'm no so hooked by the melodies and atmosphere. But in retrospect, I don't find them necessary, especially around the 5th minute. It almost sounds like a movie was left on at times while the song was recorded. Fortunately, the sound/melody work is so strong that the samples don't bother me so much. You know a song's good when you don't want it to end. Is that a voice sample of Russell Brand towards the end? I can't tell, but he's very funny and spiritually aware if so. This is a beautiful closing track! A




    Moon Ritual is one of the best Goatrance releases of 2014, and my favorite Goa release of 2014 if I had to pick one. I haven't heard a classic, old-school album this good since Pleiadians: Live In Athens 1996 (2012). Azure Child took a few listens to grow on me, which is now one of my favorite songs, and tracks 3-7 are superb. The greatness doesn't top there. This what appears to be re-mastered compilation of rare/unreleased classics is a landmark in Goatrance, and worth every penny. Moon Ritual showcases the magic reflective of old-school Goa wonderfully. If I had to criticize or nitpick anything, I'd say that Temporal Distortion was less super to me than some of the others. And at times (track 2, 9), the voice samples take place a little longer or more than necessary for me. Most other times, they compliment and incorporate well in with the music. Moon Ritual is the best (if I had to pick one) Goatrance compilation I've heard all year, and possible in years. It's a must have for fans of the genre. The only track heard before and have is Exit Eternity. Was this re-mastered? I don't remember it sounding so good? All other tracks are new to my ears. It's like listening to super songs from the golden days finally seeing the light in 2014. Moon Ritual as both a compilation and as a collection of rare classics is wonderful. Highly Recommended!!


    Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9.




    Sample the full album here :)






    Buy it through their Facebook here. They're very nice and send it out right away (photos below). I saw on Facebook that Moon Ritual will be available through Suntrip's online store soon. I couldn't resist and had to pull off these photos below. :)






  10. Radical Distortion - 12 Dimensions
    Psychedelic GOA TRANCE
    Zion 604

    1. The Score
    2. Physical Reality
    3. Homo Universalis
    4. Quantum Gravity
    5. Sunrise Zone (Acid Mix)
    6. 12 Dimensions
    7. 24 dB (Odyssey Mix)
    8. Dragon Birth
    9. I Am Locutus

    Radical Distortion is back with a new Goa-Trance album. Correction: They released Back In Space in 2013 and I never fully heard it (till now).

    Link: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/67324-radical-distortion-back-in-time/


    Moving to THIS album. After a spectacular opening track IMO, followed by a dip (track 2 for me), the album picks up again. This release took TWO FULL LISTENS for me to say, hey I like this album. Before that I only liked maybe 2-3 tracks. I think many unique albums are like that though.


    1. The Score .......................... Super track. Engaging, riveting, coupled with sweet cinematic touches to boot A


    2. Physical Reality ................. Fairly Monotonous, uneventful, and unexciting compared to the opening, but not bad. I didn't care for it, but others might. C+


    3. Homo Universalis .............. More development, catcher synth work and direction than track 2. Stick to what's great guys! B+

    4. Quantum Gravity ............... Gripping synth work, solid development, cool ambient touches, FX/wobbly sound is catchy! The song feels longer than necessary though. B


    5. Sunrise Zone (Acid Mix) .... I like how this starts with tight changes (sound/music variety) early on, then it weakens, grows formulaic and monotonous. This could have been great with some more polishing. C+


    6. 12 Dimensions .................. The next high energy track. This feels focused, more confident, and determined. It's very good! B+ / A-


    7. 24 dB (Odyssey Mix) ......... Effective is the RA-esque Middle Eastern opening, ambient, melodies, voice FX, psy feel, and direction. Nice work! B+


    8. Dragon Birth ...................... Starts slow and gets better as it progress, with a MWNN-esque feel. This is a cool track for home listening, driving, etc. B


    9. I Am Locutus ..................... Finally a tight downtempo GOA track to close the album. These guys have never let me down with their downtempo work. Good track! B+

    This album took time to grow on me past the opening track which is a missile, and would have benefitted from at least 2 or 3 more super songs, tracks on par with The Score. There's some really good, interesting work on the album past the opening track. The artists take some chances when you least expect and incorporate some old school with sci-fi new school influence, which I liked. But the opening track sets the bar pretty high. Certain tracks could have used more work to grip harder, such as IMO tracks 2, 4, 5. Is an album full of super songs like The Score possible, so that I can give a new school Goa album an A for once in 6 years? These guys have that potential. Additionally, songs like Homo Universalis, 12 Dimensions, and maybe 1-3 (7, 9 followed by 8 for me) are well done. There is some really good work here. I just with the whole was stronger than the sum of its parts, if that makes sense.



    Sample the full album here


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  11. How in the world am I finding out about this for the FIRST TIME today?!?!


    I searched Suntrip's Shop but couldn't find it on there. This is great. I love that he went back and remixed such already awesome tracks with new improvements and skills. Great work and mastering!


    Listen to it here. It's so good. I bet most Filteria fans don't even know this exists! :blink: ?!


  12. Everyone has their preferences.


    Sky Input blew me away the first time I heard it, regardless that it wasn't as fluid or as elegant as its Pleiadian's style and influence, and their masterpiece, I.F.O. I'm glad that Jannis evolved his style.


    Heliopolis (2006) made some improvements by introducing a wider range of sounds, key changes, etc. Some tracks were great (Reflected, Rotate to Vibrate), but the few weak tracks (track 2) took away from the whole. Also, the Pleiadian-influence began to grate on me after a while.


    Daze of Our Lives for me was the biggest stretch of evolution for Filteria (and for a new school artist in Goatrance) IMO to date, album and improvement wise. His style felt freer, more open, fluid, elegant, and colorful than ever before. I also noticed his re-imagining in some ways relative to Hallucinogen's style, which was (during these times) refreshing and infectious. I just heard it again last night. DoOL is the first new school album in Goa Trance that I ever gave an A to, to date!


    Lost In the Wild was an improvement in some ways from DoOL, with great Halluciongen influence that was quite infectious for the most part. But the fluidity on LitW was at times inconsistent around an overall excellent album. For instance, tracks 3 and 5 could have been better refined. Track 3 just got too busy for me at some point. I understand the maximal approach, but I'd take really layered, fluid, and infectious over that almost any day of the week, which is what he did with the opening track. I really liked tracks 1+2, but I loved 4, 7, and 8, with the final track 9 being sweet remix too. These tracks are the level of what the whole album could have been, thus getting another A from me. LitW felt like an evolution since DoOL, but some of it felt like a continuation, rather than an evolution from his previous growth and development as both a creator and technician.


    I've enjoyed all of his albums. Jannis continues to impress me with each release. You can tell that he really takes his time before releasing an album. He has standards and doesn't just release albums because he's made a name for himself in Goa-Trance. LitW (the album) while not perfect, is one of the best Goa albums of our time IMO and deserves more credit than its gotten. I think the same goes for a handful of Goa-Trance albums these past 10 years from numerous record labels.

  13. Congratulations to everyone who voted and the artist' albums who made the list! There were many great releases in 2014.


    Overall I'm very happy with the results. The order is not what's so important to me, but seeing that these albums get recognition. I love seeing underrated artists and albums getting exposure. They deserve it. And of of couse it's interesting to see how everyone tallied up on Psynews this year!


    Thank you Psynews Team, whoever made the list.


    I kept switching my favorites around last minute, coming across new stuff from the Best of Thread. You know how it is.


    One small observation: I noticed in the downtempo section... 16=: Shakta - Retroscape (Suntrip Records)

    That should only be in the uptempo list only (as it is), no?


    Some of my favorites are in the 20's and further down which tells me that there's some amazing releases I haven't even heard yet!

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  14. This is one of the best Goa releases of 2014.

    The tracks on Moon Ritual have that magical sound from the golden days, primarily because it's full of rare and unreleased re-mastered old-school goatrance classics.

    Full Review Coming!

  15. Cybered - Acid Box

    Dark Trance, Tech-Trance, Psytrance, Goa

    Horns and Hoofs


    1. Acid Box

    2. I'm Bad

    3. Nobody

    4. Wild Tuba

    5. Stalwart

    6. Analog ID

    7. Micron Saluter

    8. Vasya Exhale (Cybered remix)

    9. Kraken (feat. Chumahod)

    10. Blunder (feat. Eldar Stuff)


    This is such a tasty, underrated release. When I think of tech trance, I think repetitive. That's not the case here. The album's VERY catchy, atmospheric, and intriguing. It goes BEYOND tech trance. The introductions are interesting. At times a song becomes down right powerful, intense, and uncompromising. T


    This is dark (NOT MAINSTREAM FORMULAIC) Trance with evocative melody/sound, ambient, and industrial(/metal (?) influence. Wild Tuba anyone? There's an emotive (somewhat sad, deeply personal) feel at times that really hooks me. Maybe this is what people call Psy Dark Prog... The album's never cheesy. It's dark and absorbing, introspective, and occasionally provocative (via voice samples that are NEVER overused). There appears to be touches of Goa and Psy too, maybe some Delta meets Eat Static influence (from back in the day) that underwent a wild evolution. I finally found something dark that grabs my attention and is vastly different from what I've been listening to for years. Every song on this album is well done.


    This is one of the BEST, most SOLID releases of 2014. I'm so glad I became aware of it via 2014 "Best of Psynews Poll" thread in time and added it to my Top 10. It's easily one of my favorite albums from 2014. Virtually every track is great. The only one I find noticeably weaker is Blunder (Eldar Stuff); the last it seems to play it safer than the others, but it's still fun to listen to. This release is CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED. I'm impressed.


    Steam a full track here. Steam them all on YouTube and decide what you think! :)




    Samples / Order



    Favorite tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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  16. Hi guys, you can stream the full album here and decide what you think! Whoever uploaded this -- it gives the artist and album more attention, feedback, and potential sales. I keep noticing more full album streams online, a smart move. Most people do NOT like 0:20 or 0:45 sec samples. :)

    To whoever opens a review thread, please include the full track list. Here you go, and Bill thanks for the review!

    1. Collapse Of The State Vector
    2. Disco Dissociative
    3. Snake Oil And Charlatans
    4. Finite Automata
    5. Bring Your Own Bios (Logic Bomb rmx)
    6. Tarantula
    7. Monkey Business (Feat. Bgm)
    8. Neural Growth
    9. Witches And Wizards
    10. Dub Mantis (As Illuminus)

    My opinion is that some of it's pretty tame, minimal (for Hux Flux) and uninspired unlike Cryptic Crunch. I miss the Goa influence, the melodic ingredients, and global album innovation. Yet other parts are great. Why not just make the whole thing great? :blink:

    Collapse Of The State Vector is okay. I didn't like it the first time, too risk-free and general Full On sounding to me, but not bad! Disco Dissociative is more psychedelic, varied up in mixing FX. But the track's pretty minimal for Hux Flux. It lacks being daring, imaginative, and infectious. I enjoyed the previous song more, though the second half grows a bit more lively. Finally we come to Snake Oil And Charlatans which starts good and gets great IMO. The song develops. It's rhythmic and exciting, and grows catchier as it progresses! Thank you. Yes! I love the melodies, the beeping echoed FX, technical mixing aspects, and more. The songs fun, darkly composed, and magnetic. The brief, minor, FX moment without the beat seemed unnecessary but didn't ruin the song for me. Great work! Then there's Finite Automata which is... also great, for some this will be stronger! Next up is Bring Your Own Bios (Logic Bomb dmx), a more driving and intense, determined sounding. The song changes up and stays interesting. It shows off yet another bundle of developed skills. Oh man this is nice! Tracks 3-5 blow the first two out of the water. Furthermore, they show me an evolution in Hux Flux that's different from Cryptic Crunch and I really, REALLY like it. Next is Tarantula. The first half is great. The second half isn't bad either, just less exciting. The last act is pretty forgettable, typical psytrance sounding actually. I'm not sure why the artist didn't go all out and build on the midway climax, taking the song to the next level. That would have been amazing on the dance floor because the direction was great for a while. Monkey Business (Feat. Bgm) is different. I'll give it that. Now I'm gonna go watch Planet of the Apes (the not shitty version). Was that a dog barking too? This artist has made far better tracks before. Neural Growth is back on track, it's catchy! But the cheesy (over usage and manipulated) voice samples distract from an otherwise sleek and slick vehicle. Dub Mantis (As Illuminus) is pleasant, though the male hymns I could have done without. Dub was never my thing. The melodic element's nice, unique. I would have preferred a kickass PSY downtempo number with atmosphere and goa influence, personally. :P

    The middle third of this album and a few tracks (or parts of tracks) around it is VERY GOOD... proof that the artist & label could have benefited from releasing a non-mastered video link to the forums for feedback on how to improve the whole before the official release. The artist still processes serious skills. The album's not high on great tracks. In that sense, I wish the artist took more time to make every track count because it's been a while since we received a Hux Flux album. The stronger an album, the more excited people get obviously, the more attention, etc. With a few more super songs, this could have been a super album. While it's a mixed bag to some degree IMO, some of it really shines. Check out the free stream and decide for yourself. :)

    Favorite tracks: 3 (!), 4 (!), 5 (!), 6, 8
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  17. So few reviews.. This is so old school with new production sounding!


    Initially the first 3 tracks did nothing for me. It was Fearful Symmetry, a track I never heard before that won my attention. I never heard any of these tracks before.


    From track 4, I was hooked. More great numbers include: Indra's Net (!) Cosmic Trigger, Solar Origins (!)... I love this stuff. My excitement just wasn't there on the first 2-3 songs. Some tracks have many nice sounds but don't go above and beyond, lack magic, etc. For instance, I love the ambient notes in Amber's Mantra, but little else arrests my attention. Having said that, 11 tracks at nearly 80 minutes is a very good thing, especially when there's no bad songs and more than half of the album's great. Sure if you're an old school fan you'll appreciate this more. Some people fairly new to Goa will probably love some of the work here too, its intricacy and creativity. Retroscape, though not perfect is a very good album and one of 2014's best releases in Goa Trance.


    Favorites: 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11






  18. Just an observation: why are so many posts in this particluar thread riddled with seemingly random colour tags. I'm on the Deviant theme (which is quite dark compared to the default one) and can't read lots of the dark coloured text here.


    I just checked my text editor and noticed tons of inputs that I never added, and I deleted them. All I had done was copy and paste the albums I liked (from other sources including here) for convenience. I didn't realize it would look different on other screens. I think others may be unintentionally doing this too.

  19. Astral Projection: Goa Classics Remixed (2014)

    I didn't see the track list above so..

    01. X-Dream - Rain (Astral Projection Remix)
    02. The Infinity Project - Stimuli (Astral Projection Remix)
    03. Blue Planet Corporation - Overbloody Flood (Astral Projection Remix)
    04. The Infinity Project - Feeling Very Weird (Astral Projection Remix)
    05. Prana - Mugen (Astral Projection Remix)
    06. Hallucinogen - LSD (Astral Projection Remix)
    07. Electric Universe - Rain (Astral Projection Remix)
    08. Blue Planet Corporation - Midian (Astral Projection Remix)

    When were these remixed? I ask because this is AP's best album in over 10 years. Some of it's pretty awesome!

    Mastering isn't great, but not bad! Tim Schuldt's more experienced. Still the album's pretty good, better than AMEN IMO that lacked heart and magic. It's so nice to hear AP making good GOA music again, regardless that they're remixes. I really like this album!

    Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 are really good. Tracks 1 and 7 are noticeably weaker. I'd rather an album started off with an okay (decent) track and got stronger (as here), rather than throw a sub-par song at me when things are peeking (also here). Rain (Astral Projection Remix) seems quite tame and more mainstream-anchored, as if to condition listeners with something OK- fairly catchy [but safe] before the more imaginative ones arrive. Electric Universe - Rain (Astral Projection Remix) I like even less than the opening. It's not bad per say. It's just so soft, unexciting, and uninteresting (lacks zest, infectious ingredients). It changes the mood, and is pretty forgettable compared to the others. Moreover, by the time 7 arrives, I'm hooked after the strength of 4-6. It would have been fun if they included another great remix in place of 7... feels like a bump to an otherwise stellar ride.


    The voices (robot fx) in Feelign Very Weird I always could have done without in every version (remix) I've ever heard. Still it's a really cool song. There is something retro-cool, kinda nostalgic about the sample fx when in the right mood! And yes, I even enjoy this version more because of them (at times). The whole "I am feeling very weird" words in itself I always felt were a little out-of-place and cheesy. This version is a big improvement over the original; the musical, even the sample mixing is more catchy IMO.


    I didn't even touch on how great the majority of this album is... :excl: for starters, that Prana track :wub:

    This album is one of the most unexpected surprised of 2014 and in the genre of Goa Trance. AP made a cool GOA album with classics remixed. I'm very curious when this was made. Because if they did these remixes in the last few years, that means they still have the skills to produce an excellent (all new tracks) GOA album! There is nothing wrong with evolving a style. In this case, AP applied their evolved style to remixes with (for the most part) tight delivery and execution. :)

  20. This thread helps me find some of my favorite releases of the year! :)

    1. VA - Moon Ritual (Amakusa)
    2. VA - Gamayun Tale (Lookinglook)
    3. VA - Analog Dreams (DAT)
    4. VA - Colors of Goa (Timewarp)
    5. Ovnimoon & Rigel - Omnipresent Technology (Ovnimoon)
    6. Astral Projection - Goa Classics Remixed (TIP)
    7. VA - Ten Spins Around The Sun (Suntrip)
    8. Shakta - Retroscape (Suntrip)
    9. E-Mantra - Nemisis (Suntrip)

    10. Cybered - Acid Box (Horns and Hoofs) ............................................ Criminally underrated.

    Honorable Uptempo mentions

    Ephedra - Journey Through My Head (Goa Madness)
    Morphic Resonance - Chromatic World (Neogoa)
    PsySutRa - Gamma Phoenicis (Cronomi)
    Virtuart - Sacred Drop EP (DAT)
    Ajna - Search for the Divine ( Ovnimoon)
    VA - Future Architecture 2 (Neogoa)
    Goasia - Amphibians On Spacedock (Suntrip)

    1. Koan - The Way Of One (Blue Tunes Recordings)
    2. E-Mantra - Echoes From the Void (Altar)
    3. Astropilot - Iriy (Altar)
    4. Circular - Moon Pool (Ultimae)
    5. Asura - Radio Universe (Ultimae)
    6. Psyfactor - Retro Scientific (Sentimony) ...................................... love the 2nd half of this album
    7. VA - Passangers (Ultimae)
    8. Chronos - Spiritus (Mystic Sound)

    Honorable Downtempo Mentions
    Bioscape - Living Connection (Gliese 5811c)
    Flooting Grooves - Antimony (Flooting Grooves Music)

  21. Man I was harsh on this when I first heard it, giving it a B. This is one of the best albums, one of my favorite albums. Several of my friends consider this their favorite of all the Asura albums to date, followed by Life2.


    Thank you Asura for consistently making strong releases over the years. Truly uncommon and passionately beautiful, talented energy is reflective throughout each and every Asura release.

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