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  1. Start the week with a boom and let yourself go! https://soundcloud.com/boomtekmusic/boomtek-superset-free-download
  2. Enjoy https://soundcloud.com/treeoflifefestival/boomtek-live-tree-of-life-festival-entry
  3. Merry christmas!! New track hope you will enjoy - BAM!
  4. https://soundcloud.com/boomtekmusic/boomtek-winter-warmup
  5. https://soundcloud.com/boomtekmusic/dreaming-preview Enjoy
  6. https://soundcloud.com/sychedelicforces/sychedelicforces-follow-me We got some fresh beats for you! Massive tracks in the mix, like always we start with progressive bangers and finish with a bang ENJOY! TL: 01.ritmo - follow me 02.d-addiction - just for the music 03.jacob - hofmann 04.suntree - human eye 05.yahel - intelligent life (invisible reality remix) 06.Side Effects – Subconscious Mind 07.egorythmia vs ace ventura - white tunnel 08.pan papason - 2000 years ago (ion rmx) 09.Mystical Complex - Kill Them All (Part 2) 10.ion vs pause - addicted to bass Listen~Feel~Follow~Enjoy! Released by SychedelicForces (Saturday April 6 2013) Promo Use Only.
  7. http://soundcloud.com/sychedelicforces/sychedelicforces-2013-in-the The new years eve 2013 podcast, enjoy 01.Osher - Circle of Life 02.volcano vs. hipnotix - bass your soul 03.Gaudium - SSRI 04.time in motion and flexus - twisted mind 05.NRG Cell - Mirador 06.Osher - Beautiful Destination 07.Symphonix & Class A - Experimental Game (Class A rmx) 08.tim berg - seek bromance (melodic assembly remix)
  8. http://soundcloud.co...forces-bassline Enjoy! 01.BPM - Bassline Process 02.xerox and volcano - out of control 03.Azax Syndrom Vs Bizzare Contact - Summer of Anxiety 04.Yahel - Voyage (Didrapest Prspect Indra rmx) 05.bizzare contact - this is science (spade vs. freedom fighters remix) 06.bizzare contact - vibrations 07.domateck - run hide or die 08.Meet her at the Walking away (SychedelicForces Live Mash) 09.Azax Syndrom - Cutting Edge Science (Twina Remix) 10.X-Noize - Revolver (SychedelicForces DJ Tool)
  9. http://soundcloud.com/sychedelicforces/sychedelicforces-brainwash The new podcast is here! Very hot tracks, like always we start with some progressive bangers and finish with something more energetic. 01.ritmo and egorythmia - spin it (gaudium remix) 02.slow bit - brontok 03.Timelock - Disconnected (Indra rmx) 04.Ace ventura & Zen Mechanics - MIND=GOD 05.estefano haze - planet earth 06.allaby - glade (flip flop remix) 07.d-addiction - bass monkey 08.side effects - power of knowledge 09.Yahel - Voyage (Didrapest Prspect Indra rmx) 10.space cat - in the air 11.future prophecy - ladies and gentelmen Listen~Feel~Follow~Enjoy! Released by SychedelicForces (Saturday October 20 2012) Promo Use Only.
  10. Hey guys, we would like to share a live rip of our set we played at a party. We hope you will enjoy it! http://soundcloud.co...orces-connected 01.Ace Ventura - Connected (Yotopia Rmx) 02.Aerospace - Re Entry (Audio Control Remix) 03.Cosma - The Time Has Come (Symbolic & Rocky Rmx) 04.Impact - Aggressive 05.D-Addiction & Basic - Keep The Frequency 06.Meet her at the loveparade Vs. Walking away (SychedelicForces Live Mash Mix) 07.TBA 08.GMS - Freak Out 09.Perplex - Nordic Fusion 10.Pop Art - Scent Of A Woman 11.1200 Micrograms - The Way You Walkadded
  11. Hey guys, The new podcast is here! We start with some massive progressive tracks and slowly work our way to something more energetic We hope you will enjoy the ride http://soundcloud.com/sychedelicforces/sychedelicforces-obsession
  12. Enjoy! http://soundcloud.co...es-spin-it-live Released by SychedelicForces (Saturday May 12 2012)
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