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  1. Hey my friends!! My name is Rodrigo, I'm brazlian, and I have a progressive trance project called 2Komplex. I would like to share with you my new track, called Goa Signs: http://soundcloud.com/2komplex/2komplex-goa-signs Hope I can get some feedback about it! Enjoy!
  2. Title: Acid Hades Artists: 2Komplex Label: CROTUS RECORDS Country: Brazil Tracks: 3 Format: EP Catalogue Number: CROTUSCD36 webkit-fake-url://7AED9AB8-C485-4163-9D16-E8C1F91A1137/image.tiff 4769266.jpg Hello my friends from arround the world! We are proud to announce our first EP signed by Crotus Records 2KOMPLEX are 2 producers from Brazil on the uprising path for present psytrance music culture. Its EP "Acid Hades" shows exactly this - a combination of dynamic psytrance elements and pure sense of story-telling. THe EP contains 3 unreleased and exclusive tracks. Enter the world of 2Komplex! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tracklist , 1. 2Komplex - Loose Hats (7:51 / 135 bpm) 2. 2Komplex - No Dreaming (6:14 / 135 bpm) 3. 2Komplex - On The Rush (6:55 / 135 bpm) SAMPLES: http://soundcloud.com/2komplex ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Publisher: http://www.plusquam-...plex-acid-hades ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FOR SALE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.play.com/...es/Product.html http://www.beatport....id-hades/845301 http://www.junodownload.com/products/acid-hades/1878399-02/ Crotus Records http://www.plusquam-...-crotus-records ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contact & Bookings : 2komplexlive@gmail.com tomazettousu@gmail.com jan@parceriailimitada.com.br Peace!
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