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  1. The stupid uploader wont respond to my messages about the song info. Someone said the track is from 1200 mics but i doubt it since i checked all their songs. Please.. tell me that you know this song. Its so faking frustrating since the uploader saw my facebook messages but they wont reply... anyway here it is playing in the background.. https://youtu.be/8MmsaEwqp1I
  2. Sorry but this is not a psy track but I thought I'd throw it out there Any idea how it's called? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRhNc7LOLcc
  3. Yea this guys did crazy stuff on the roads. Check all the other videos with cop chases and whatnot. He released 5 dvd's I think. Maybe less. Not sure.
  4. Cool thanks. I was about to do so but you beat me to it Thanks again bro!
  5. I noticed you replied to the youtube video, didn't ya?
  6. Woah! That was fast! I have no words to describe my appreciation Bless you my friend Thanks for your posts guys! The whole album seems epic!
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2IcC32otH4 I have been searching for the trance bg music for years now. YES, YEARS! I'd damn appreciate it whoever finds me the name of the song. I have searched the comments but everyone asks for it. No clue what it might be, other than it sounds like psytrance Thanks in advancce.
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